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Carla Gugino - Threshhold - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Nov 12 '12

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Threshhold cast includes Carla Gugino, Brian Van Holt, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner, Rob Benedict, Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage and Charles S. Dutton.

Dr. Molly Caffrey (Carla Gugino), a government contingency analyst, investigates the arrival of aliens who threaten Earth in this sci-fi thriller. A mysterious spacecraft appears near a Navy cargo freighter in the Atlantic Ocean and emits a deadly, piercing sound that kills most of the crew. Those who don't die mutate into aliens who then attempt to infect others. Molly assembles an expert team that includes a microbiologist, a physicist, a covert operative and an expert in languages and math to stop them.

09:00 AM The Burning

An inmate at an Ohio psychiatric institute escapes and Molly (Carla Gugino) believes he may have been infected by the aliens after paintings of glass trees, like the ones in her dreams, are found in his cell. The inmate, who has been incarcerated since 1979 for burning down his house with his family inside when he was 13, then breaks into a woman's ground-floor apartment and starts digging through the floor for a mysterious object he buried 26 years ago.

Guest stars include Once Upon A Time's Raphael Sbarge, Cliff De Young, Laurence Mason, Richard V. Licata, Mark Berry, R.J. Adams, David Gautreaux and Michael Papajohn.

10:00 AM Pulse

Molly (Carla Gugino) and her crew descend on Miami after partygoers there are exposed to the alien signal and begin bleeding and fighting one another. The Threshold team quickly learn that the signal came through a dance-mix recording that was played by the party's female deejay, who is being taken over by the aliens. As the team searches for the missing young woman, they try to trace the signal's origin and fear that it now may be spreading through technology.

Guest stars include Kevin Alejandro, Adam Chambers, Erin Cummings, Amanda Fuller, Gonzalo Menendez, Paula Miranda, Rob Swanson and Lahmard J. Tate.

11:00 AM Revelations

Molly (Carla Gugino) travels to Indiana after a Threshold agent who was watching the boyhood home of an infected Big Horn crewman disappears. While she's there Molly learns that one of the town's ministers may be infected. The pastor claims to have seen visions of a glass sea and is warning his congregation to prepare for the end of the world. Back in Washington, D.C., Baylock (Charles S. Dutton) leads an effort to locate the sunken Big Horn and raise it to the surface for study.

Guest stars include Deborah Strang, Montae Russell, Kevin Durand, James Frain and Annie Katsura Rollins.

12:00 PM Progeny

Three women in the D.C. area come to the attention of Molly (Carla Gugino) and her team when an artist beheads her husband, an oil billionaire's wife attacks a bank teller, and an attorney mutates and explodes on a street corner. The investigations reveal that all three were infected by the alien signal from a startling and unsettling source. In other events, Molly meets with the new national security advisor, who will oversee the Threshold project.

Guest stars include Julie Dretzin, Maurice Godin, Denise Dowse, Steve Vinovich, Michole Briana White, David Hornsby, Elizabeth Berkley, Christopher May, Shane Conrad, Jeff Cockey, Matt Sigloch and Li Jing.

01:00 PM The Crossing

Three of the alien prisoners being held at the Threshold command center escape, which leads Molly (Carla Gugino) to formulate a plan to move five infected detainees to a more secure facility in the mountains of West Virginia. Unfortunately, the truck carrying them is ambushed. Back at the lab, Molly's team learns a disturbing new way that people are being infected and a key member of the group shows signs of possible infection.

Guest stars include Scott MacDonald, Leslie Odom Jr., Maurice Godin, David Hornsby, Montae Russell, Amanda Fuller, Jake Abel, Matt Corboy, Maura Claire Barclay, Michael Papajohn, Shane Conrad, Raphael Verela, Jeffrey Castillo and Jeff Cockey.

02:00 PM Outbreak

Molly (Carla Gugino) fears there will be an alien outbreak in Washington, D.C., after a teen suddenly dies from eating infected food. Her team rushes to discover what foods may be tainted by the aliens and their place of origin. To help with the investigation, Molly brings in a respected botanist. Meanwhile, Fenway (Brent Spiner) tries to find a way to save Lucas's (Rob Benedict) life and keep him from mutating. Later, Molly is shocked when Manning (Scott MacDonald) contacts her and tells her the reason why the aliens want to take over the Earth.

Guest stars include Army Wives' Catherine Bell, Scott MacDonald, Maurice Godin, Jacqueline Kim, Carolina Vengoechea, George Gerdes and Matthew John Armstrong.

03:00 PM Vigilante

Ramsey (Peter Dinklage) is in a seedy motel room with a stripper who is murdered when a man bursts in and severs nerves in her brain stem with a surgical instrument, but the killer doesn't harm Ramsey. The investigation reveals that the victim was an alien infectee and that four other people have been murdered in a similar way. Molly (Carla Gugino) concludes that an alien serial killer is at work.

Guest stars include Scott MacDonald, Rebecca Marshall, Jacqueline Kim, Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan, Matt Sigloch and Phoenix Gonzales.

04:00 PM Alienville

Molly (Carla Gugino) discovers that the entire population of a small Virginia town has been infected with the alien virus and that a leading astrophysicist is among them. Molly visits the town and learns the aliens are involved in a secret project that could lead to massive exposure of the virus. Back at the lab, the Threshold team prepares for an infected woman to give birth, but they don't know if the baby will be alien or human.

Guest stars include Julie Dretzin, Wayne Duvall, Stephanie Erb, Chris Butler, Austin Majors, Steve Franken, Jeff Cockey, Michael Medico, Robert Pierce and Chelsey Crisp.

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