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Longmire - A&E TV: Marathon Schedule Sep 2 '12

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Longmire cast includes Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman, Adam Bartley and Louanne Stephens.

11:00am The Cancer

When a lone fisherman, hooks the bodies of two murdered men, including a teen from the Cheyenne Reservation, Longmire (Robert Taylor) is once again reminded that his beloved West isn't the way it used to be. This investigation takes the Sheriff's department into a world where the Mexican drug cartel is local, marijuana is grown, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. It's Longmire's responsibility to put the pieces of this puzzle together, and he turns to Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) for help.

Guest stars include Zahn McClarnon, Diego Klattenhoff, Bob Clendenin, Roberto Alcaraz, Lobo Sebastian and Katherine LaNasa.

12:00pm Dog Soldier

After a Cheyenne foster child goes missing, Walt (Robert Taylor) and the team investigate the boy's birth family on the Rez. The stakes are raised when two more Cheyenne foster boys disappear and an unregistered sex offender is reported missing. The children in the group home insist that the boys were taken by a "dog soldier," a legendary Cheyenne warrior who can change shape from man to dog. Walt knows that the kidnapper was not a spirit, but a man who he must find before the unthinkable happens.

Guest stars include A Martinez, Rebecca Tilney, Jeffrey De Serrano, Nancy Linehan Charles, Jason Matthew Smith, Colby French, Noah Harpster, Lora Martinez-Cunningham, Gage Michael Petrone, David Vigil, Stran Thompson and Clair Carter.

1:00pm The Worst Kind of Hunter

A body is found in the woods mauled by a bear and Walt (Robert Taylor) suspects that the bear was baited to attack. He and the team must track down both the bear and the person who used it as a murder weapon. When they discover that the victim was a murderer released early from prison due to overcrowding, it leads to a long list of suspects. Meanwhile, Walt must deal with Branch's (Bailey Chase) uncle Lucian (Peter Weller), a former sheriff who is brought into custody after firing a shotgun in his retirement home and who can't resist inserting himself into the investigation. Directed by Peter Weller.

Guest stars include Peter Weller, Louis Herthum, Graham Beckel, Cristine Rose, Scott Paulin, Wade Williams, Dean Chekvala, Debrianna Mansini and Jackamoe Buzzell.

2:00pm 8 Seconds

When a wealthy beer distributor is found beaten within an inch of his life, Walt (Robert Taylor) is puzzled over why the attacker stole a seemingly worthless painting. The main suspect is a bronc rider whom the victim recently dropped from sponsorship, but the discovery of an affair and a secret about the painting lead the team to realize that there are many possible motives for this brutal crime. Vic's (Katee Sackhoff) husband (Michael Mosley) is home for a rare visit and she struggles with his jealousy of her relationship with Walt. Branch's (Bailey Chase) father (Gerald McRaney) learns something about Walt that could be damaging to his campaign.

Guest stars include Katherine LaNasa, Shawn Hatosy, John Bishop, Michael Mosley, Calum Worthy, Stacy Haiduk, Patrick Fabian, Jodi Harris, Gerald McRaney, Eb Lottimer and John English.

3:00pm An Incredibly Beautiful Thing

Walt (Robert Taylor) investigates the murder of a gas station owner who tried to help an unstable and barefoot young woman who claimed to be in danger. He asks Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) to use his tracking skills to find her and the trail leads to an abandoned baby, a heavily guarded drilling site in another county, and evidence of a dangerous cult. The team races to find the young woman, unsure if she is a suspect or a victim, while digging deeper into the cult's mysteries. Henry's previous tracking experiences also reveal insights into Walt's past.

Guest stars include Tom Wopat, Sonja Kinski, Margaret Easley, Abbie Cobb, Steven Culp, Kate McNeil, Mike Miller, Ralph Alderman and Jason Douglas.

4:00pm Dogs, Horses, and Indians

When the president of the Tribal Council is found dead in his car on county land, it s clear to Walt (Robert Taylor) that the body has been moved from the original crime scene--but why? He discovers that the victim had a gambling problem and delves into the seedy world of an underground poker game run out of a tattoo parlor. After tribal politics come into play, the suspect list grows tenfold. Meanwhile, Walt deals with feelings of betrayal when he uncovers Cady (Cassidy Freeman) and Branch's (Bailey Chase) affair. A. Martinez, Zahn McClarnon, and Gerald McRaney guest star.

Guest stars include Zahn McClarnon, A Martinez, Michael Spears, Rusty Schwimmer, Richard Speight Jr., Claudia Ferri, Yvonne Delarosa, Andy Mackenzie, Kimberly Guerrero, Gerald McRaney, Marcus Red Thunder, Keith Jardine, Kenneth Ruthardt, Anthony Wamego, James Burnett and Jay Tavare.

5:00pm Unfinished Business

Walt (Robert Taylor) investigates the murder of a teenager who was one of four boys acquitted of raping a developmentally disabled Cheyenne girl. When another boy is killed, all signs point to the crime being an act of revenge by the girl s brother. But Walt is not convinced by the circumstantial evidence and must find the real killer before someone else ends up dead. And the arrival of a detective from Denver forces Walt to finally confront the reality of his wife s death. Charles Dutton guest stars.

Guest stars include Louis Herthum, Katherine LaNasa, Michael McGrady, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Aaron Christian Howles, David Lambert, Charles S. Dutton, Q'orianka Kilcher, Jeni Reed, Tenaya Torres, Bryan Head, Forrest Fyre, Catherine Haun, Tom Schuch and Bobby Neeld.

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