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Haven - Collider: Emily Rose Interview

Source: Collider [follow link for complete interview]


COLLIDER: Emily Rose Talks HAVEN, a Darker and More Ambitious Season 3, and Her Hopes for an UNCHARTED Movie

by Christina Radish
September 21st, 2012

The scary mysteries and odd eccentricities of a very unique coastal Maine town will continue to unfold in Season 3 of the Syfy drama series Haven, based on the novella The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King. Picking up immediately following the events of the gripping Season 2 finale, with Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) having been kidnapped, longtime adversaries Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) must put aside their differences, long enough to find and save her. Although this season will continue to explore the lives of the residents of Haven and their “troubles,” which include a variety of supernatural afflictions, it will also start to delve deeper into the mythology behind the bigger questions of, who is Audrey Parker, why does she return to Haven every 27 years with a new identity, and what is her connection to this special town?

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Emily Rose talked about how Season 3 will be a lot darker and more ambitious, the long-term story that will deal with Audrey’s mystery abductor, how this season will be a real reward for the fans who have been watching since the beginning, how much fun it was to get to further explore the mystery of The Colorado Kid, how blessed she feels to be able to take such a journey with her character, whether or not she thinks Audrey and Nathan will ever be on the same page, and their great line-up of guest stars. She also talked about how her dream roles include doing a Western, as well as a movie version of the Uncharted video game series, for which she voices the character Elena Fisher...


... Collider: What is the dynamic shift for Audrey, with both Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour)?

Emily Rose: "At the end of last season, it seemed so definitive that she was leaning towards Nathan. But, with the long-term mystery that’s coming into play this year, it really, really affects Audrey’s psychology, and how she feels towards both of these men and the people closest to her. How does she protect them? How does she protect herself? And how attached does she get? All those things come into play. With that, there’s some really legitimate relationship excitement between Audrey and Duke, and what does that do to Audrey and Nathan, and Duke and Nathan? It’s all legitimate. You’ve gotta hold that love triangle, but it all came in a very, very organic way..."

Haven airs Friday at 10/9C on Syfy.

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