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Fringe - TV Guide: Ask Matt Apr 16 '12

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Fringe Friday

TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: Grey's, Once Upon a Time, Southland, Fringe, HBO's Comedies

Apr 16, 2012
by Matt Roush

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... Question: As a Fringe fan, I have participated in the Twitter campaigns on Friday night as I watch the show, but I can not help wondering if these type of campaigns really make any difference. Many viewers seem to DVR Fringe or wait until it comes out on Netflix, and no fan campaign is going to change these viewing habits enough for the nightly ratings to drastically change. So do you think these campaigns work when there is little increase in ratings? — Mandy

Matt Roush: The networks take many factors into account these days when deciding the fate of a cult "bubble" show like Fringe. Social media (and the attention paid by more traditional media) are playing a role as well, but to spare you from my generalizing, let me steer you toward the best story I've read on this topic in a while, by my colleague Michael Schneider. Bottom line from my POV: It can't hurt to let your passion be known to the network and/or to advertisers in whatever form — although sending tchotchkes seems to be out of vogue — but fan campaigns have limited effect if the show doesn't somehow pull its weight or otherwise make sense economically. Still, with Fringe more than most shows in its situation, I wouldn't lose hope...

Fringe airs Friday at 9/8C on FOX.

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