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Game of Thrones - New York Magazine: Richard Madden (Robb Stark) Interview

Source: New York Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Game of Thrones season 2

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden on Robb Stark’s Growing Pains, Renly Fantasies, and Hating Joffrey

By Jennifer Vineyard

If power is calculated by who wins the most battles, then Robb Stark, the King of the North, is the most powerful of the five kings in Game of Thrones. While he tries to shore up allies — sending his mother off to make a treaty with King Renly and his foster-brother Theon to make an offer to Balon Greyjoy — Robb spends his time sneaking up on other regiments, taking them by surprise. His ultimate goal is to defeat the Lannisters, one of whom, Jaime, he already holds captive. So far, so good. But as readers of the George R.R. Martin books know, good luck can be short-lived in Westeros. The Scottish actor Richard Madden, who plays Robb Stark, was in town recently, and was good enough to hold court with Vulture and discuss his thoughts on his first time in New York, which of the GoT moms would win in a fight, and wanting to kill Joffrey...


... Q: And now as the season progresses, we're getting glimpses of how Robb operates, how he uses his direwolf Grey Wind, how he responds to the men in the field ...

Richard Madden: "He's acting a lot; he's acting at being a man. I think that's something a lot of young men do: You act at being a man, and before you know it, you are one. In that scene with Jaime in the cage [in the season premiere], Robb is posturing. He's acting like a king. And then you see him with Theon, and you're like, Oh, he's the same guy he always was. But he has to have this mask on all the time in front of his men. Everything that happens to him this season, it's all these defining moments: the first time he starts to fall for a woman, the first time he and his mother start to have different views on doing things, the first time he's addressing an army of men..."

Game of Thrones season two airs Sunday at 9/8C on HBO.


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