Monday, April 16, 2012

Eureka - TV Guide: Colin Ferguson Previews the Final Season of Syfy's Eureka

Source: TV Guide [follow link for complete interview]

Eureka 5

TV GUIDE: Colin Ferguson Previews the Final Season of Syfy's Eureka

Apr 16, 2012
by Michael Logan

Is this really happening? Eureka is back for its fifth and final season Monday (9/8c, Syfy) with a humdinger of an episode that has the starship Astraeus landing safely on Earth after its unplanned launch. But the crew members weren't in outer space for only a few hours like they thought — they were out there for four years! Naturally, the folks back home have moved on with their lives. Kids have grown up. New romances have blossomed. And sinister forces are now in charge of Global Dynamics. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Colin Ferguson — aka Sheriff Jack Carter — about these wild developments, the show's surprise demise, and what's in store for the series finale...


... TV Guide Magazine: What a way to start your last season. This sounds crazy.

Ferguson: "It is crazy! We find out what really happened to the Astraeus and the story steamrolls from there. We've got an unexpected villain, scenarios that are real and not real, people existing or not existing. It's all about the trick of being human in a world where you can replicate everything. And on top of that we've got a badass dragon coming! I think the season premiere is the best episode we've ever done. We went a million dollars over budget on that hour — it's that gorgeous — then we all had to suffer for it during the remaining episodes. [Laughs] But it was worth the pain..."

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