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Grimm - Reading Eagle: Silas Weir Mitchell Interview

Source: Reading Eagle [follow link for complete interview]

Grimm 2

READING EAGLE: Mitchell plays character of a lifetime on 'Grimm'

By Ian Spelling

Silas Weir Mitchell is a veteran character actor currently playing the character of a lifetime.

NBC's surprise hit "Grimm" casts Mitchell as Monroe, a werewolf-like figure called a wieder blutbad. Monroe serves as the cranky-but-knowledgeable guide to Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), a police detective who only recently has discovered that he's a Grimm and, as such, destined to fight all sorts of mythical/supernatural creatures.

"There's a lot I like about Monroe," Mitchell said, speaking by telephone from the "Grimm" set in Portland, Ore. "Certainly one of the main things is that this is something I don't know that we've seen before, exactly. We've seen the detective with his wife, with his partner, with his boss, but I don't know that we've seen the detective with Monroe.

"So I think it's sort of new, but couched in enough reality. You can't do something that's completely off the radar, because people won't know what to make of it. So there's an element of recognition and, at the same time, there's an element of 'Who, or what, is this Monroe?' I like that.

"The other thing about Monroe is that the inner-conflict factor is what makes him tick. He's trying to disavow his past and behave as a human in the human world. He's just a humble clockmaker and vegan trying not to rip somebody's arm off. I think that conflict is really fun to play, fun to watch. It's inherently dramatic to have someone whose tendencies go one way and whose behavior is attempting to go another way..."

Grimm airs Friday at 9/8C on NBC.


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