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Justified - the TV addict: Timothy Olyphant Q & A

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the TV addict: Q&A: Timothy Olyphant Tips His Hat to the Cool Cowboy World of JUSTIFIED

By Tiffany Vogt
February 21st, 2012

Somehow the addictiveness of FX’s hot drama series JUSTIFIED is only more apparent as the series whips right through its third season. Taking a few minutes to chat with press in a recent conference call, star Timothy Olyphant dropped a few teasers and candidly shared what he likes most about portraying Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, a man quick to pull the trigger when necessary and who stares down the deadliest villains with beguiling calmness...


... Q: It seems like because the other characters have become so well developed over time that this season they’re able to spend more time away from whatever Raylan is up to and focus on some of these other folks, like with the Dewey storyline the other night.

Timothy Olyphant: "Well, it’s some combination of the fact that we have amazing writers, we have an amazing cast and I want days off, and you put it altogether and it lends itself nice to allowing everyone to show off a bit. I thought from the beginning when I took the job — I mean, I was pretty clear that a show was about the character I was playing, but I’m less interested in a TV show that just focuses on that guy so heavily. I think it’s a tough thing to pull off. It’s a tougher — I don’t know how you don’t get bored of that as an audience, and to some degree as an actor — so when you have someone like Damon Herriman, I knock on the writer’s door and say, “Listen, this guy’s great. Send me home. He can carry this thing for as long as you want.” It’s because of my position on the show that quite frankly that I have been allowed to participate in that process and in the storytelling. So I still get a great deal of satisfaction whether I’m in the scene or not. It’s really one of the great joys of the job for me. I feel like either way it’s a win-win for me..."

Justified airs Tuesday at 10/9C on FX Networks.

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