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Encore Presentation of 'Zombie Apocalypse' - Syfy: Nov 15 '11

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Fire Serpent

09:00 AM Fire Serpent

Robert Beltran and Nicholas Brendon star in this sci-fi tale about a fire creature unleashed on Earth as a result of a solar flare.

Cast includes Nicholas Brendon, Sandrine Holt, Randolph Mantooth, Robert Beltran, Lisa Langlois, Patrice Goodman and Richard Clarkin.


11:00 AM Fireball

A fire inspector teams with a Fed to track down a psychopath who has the ability to start fires at will.

Cast includes The Vampire Diarie's Ian Somerhalder, Lexa Doig, Aleks Paunovic, Aaron Pearl, Falling Skies' Colin Cunningham, Julia Arkos, Stephen E. Miller, Julian Christopher and Linda Darlow.


01:00 PM Absolute Zero

Erika Eleniak and Jeff Fahey star in this sci-fi thriller about a natural-weather disaster in Antarctica that threatens Earth.

Cast includes Jeff Fahey, Erika Eleniak, Stargate SG-1's Bill Dow, Jessica Amlee, Michael Ryan, Fred Ewanuick, Brittney Irvin, William MacDonald, John B. Lowe and Matthew Walker.


03:00 PM Category 6: Day Of Destruction - Part One

The nation's chief meteorologist (Brian Dennehy) learns that three potentially devastating weather systems will likely converge over Chicago and flatten the city in this overblown disaster flick, but a colossal power outage in the area makes it nearly impossible to warn people who live there of the impending disaster.

Cast includes Thomas Gibson, Nancy McKeon, Chandra West, Brian Markinson, Nancy Anne Sakovich, Randy Quaid, Dianne Wiest and Brian Dennehy.


05:00 PM Category 6: Day Of Destruction - Part Two

The nation's chief meteorologist (Brian Dennehy) tries to get out warnings to evacuate Chicago as three massive storms converge over the city during a blackout in this clich├ęd disaster flick.


07:00 PM Zombie Apocalypse

Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina.

Cast includes Ving Rhames, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Taryn Manning, Eddie Steeples, Johnny Pacar, Gerald Webb, Gary Weeks, Lilan Bowden and Robert Blanche.


09:00 PM Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Milla Jovovich does battle with zombies and a sinister corporation in a sequel that covers much of the same scary ground as the original.

Cast includes Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Thomas Kretschmann, Sophie Vavasseur, Razaaq Adoti, Jared Harris and Mike Epps.


11:00 PM Return Of The Living Dead: Rave To The Grave

On Halloween night, unsuspecting college kids take a party drug that turns them into zombies.

Cast includes Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, Cory Hardrict, John Keefe, Jenny Mollen, Peter Coyote, Claudiu Bleont and Sorin Cocis.

Timber Falls

01:00 AM Timber Falls

Young campers are terrorized by a creepy backwoods family in this sorry slasher flick.

Cast includes Josh Randall, Brianna Brown, Justified's Nick Searcy, Beth Broderick, Sascha Rosemann and T.W. Leshner.


03:00 AM The Graves

Two inseparable sister's visit to a remote mine town turns into a mind-bending fight for survival against menaces both human and supernatural.

Cast includes Clare Grant, Jillian Murray, Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, Amanda Wyss, Randy Blythe and Shane Stevens.

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