Friday, October 7, 2011

Sanctuary - Montreal Gazette: Time travel may help viewers find Sanctuary

Source: Montreal Gazette [follow link for complete column]

Sanctuary Oct 7

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Time travel may help viewers find Sanctuary

October 7, 2011

Sanctuary (Space, 10 p.m.) [Syfy 10/9C], the imaginative homegrown sci-fi series about extratemporal goings-on and supernatural wanderings, is back for a fourth season with an eye-filling, surprisingly heartfelt episode that will satisfy fans and also appeal to the first-time viewer.

It's a time-travel episode, one of those tales that asks a big "what if ?" and leaves the viewer wondering afterward: What if, indeed? If you could travel back in time and change the world, would you?

It's an old sci-fi trope, but there's something gentle and undeniably compelling about Sanctuary's take.

The story finds the show's hero, Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), whisked back to 1898 London, where she's determined to stop a heartbroken father from saving his young daughter, who's stricken with a rare blood disease.

The story, written by series creator Damian Kindler, poses a difficult question: Is it right, or even moral, to stand by and do nothing while an innocent dies, in order to preserve the future?

Sanctuary may be imperfect, but it's a safe haven for viewers looking for a little heart and soul with their scifi flights of fancy...


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