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Falling Skies - Hollywood Reporter: Comic Con 2011 Panel Recap

Source: The Hollywood Reporter [follow link for complete recap]

Falling Skies

FALLING SKIES - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Comic-Con 2011: 'Falling Skies': 10 Things You Need to Know From the Panel

Noah Wyle and executive producers touted TNT's summer series in San Diego.

by Philiana Ng

TNT's latest drama Falling Skies has a premise unlike many others on television -- and the exuberant Comic-Con crowd on Friday proved it was up to the task, stumping the cast and executive producers.

For example, an audience member asked: What if Earth was just one little part of a master plan the Skitters, the alien lifeform that has invaded and destroyed Earth, are having a war over? Or another question: How did they come up with the Skitters' anatomical structure? But of course, the session wasn't complete without references to Hannah Montana or iCarly (Drew Roy) or the Librarian movies (Noah Wyle).

Story-wise, the panelists revealed that the characters use the alien technology to aid their journey later this season, that viewers will find out why the Skitters are on Earth in the first place, things progress between reluctant leader Tom (Wyle) and Anne (Moon Bloodgood) -- and [Warning: Spoiler alert!] through a sneak peek of an upcoming scene, Hal's girlfriend Karen may not be as gone as one thinks.

Here are 10 more things you need to know about the rest of the summer series and what's coming up in Season 2...

... 7. What about seeing that invasion?: "We made a decision early on that we do no flashbacks," Verheiden revealed. "Everything we learn we learn as we move forward. There's an episode coming up that reveals a lot about Weaver's backstory. ... It keeps the show propelling forward..."

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