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Warehouse 13 - SciFi Pulse: Sasha Roiz Interview

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Warehouse 13 season 3

WAREHOUSE 13 - SCIFI PULSE: Sasha Roiz Chats About His ‘Warehouse 13’ Experience

by Ian Cullen
on Jul 23, 2011

Sasha Roiz is somewhat of a rising star in the world of genre television and his start looks to continue rising.

Fans of the Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica will know Roiz best for his role of Sam Adama, but he will soon be seen in the role of Marcus Diamond in Monday’s forthcoming episode of the Syfy Channels hit show Warehouse 13.

Although its a guest role we do know that Marcus Diamond will be a recurring character throughout the season and will lead nicely onto Sasha’s other new role in the new NCB fantasy series Grimm.

SciFiPulse was recently fortunate enough to attend a conference call and got to chat with Sasha along with other websites and entertainment blogs and below is just some of the highlights from the hour long conference...


... When asked about finding the balance between playing a villain on a drama and then playing the bad guy on something a little lighter such as Warehouse 13 Roiz seemed a bit taken by the question and gave a fairly insightful answer about how he kind of tried to change his approach

Sasha Roiz: "That’s a good question because it is a little tricky sometimes coming into a show and you feel like you’re the heavy and everyone’s having so much fun around you. You know, you kind of feel like the downer at a party.

But you know, we have a lot of fun. I mean I think even in the process we just have a lot of fun you know. And, it doesn’t matter if the role or the situation is highly dramatic or comedic. But I think for myself I just have to focus on you know, my storyline and what it is that I need to execute in the scene and what it is that this character really wants in the scene.

And then you know if I don’t get the chance to engage in the comedic, then we do it in between takes and we just have fun. But it is sometimes difficult when you feel like you’re – like I said, you’re the heavy and everybody else is having fun you know, without you...

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