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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - Tapping Tuesday Twitter Jun 21, 2011

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SANCTUARY - Tapping Tuesday Twitter June 21, 2011

Hey everyone! Get your tickets to the @onceuponacure gala in Sept." @JewelStaite and me!! Together at last! Bliss. Xo


Q1 - Samie Bouder – If they came out with Sanctuary video game, would you play it?

A1 - Heck yeah!! Saving Abnormals!! Oh and I hope there would be a tea break section! :)

[NOTE: Syfy has a Sanctuary game here]

Q2 - Jenna Staloch - Hey Amanda! Since today is the official first day of summer, what are some of your favorite summer activities?

A2 - Camping and kayaking! Desolation Sound and Savory Island. Beautiful.

Q3 - Jane Phillips - is this really amanda tapping answering our questions...??

A3 - I just looked in the mirror...and yep, it's me! Nice to be here amongst friends.


Q4 - @JandyraCJM - Were the last two titles of Season 3 drawn from Neil Young's song :'Hey hey, My My'? Any significance? Xoxo

A4 a - Well yeah. Those were the original titles and then the last episode got changed and I insisted it be changed back

A4 b - ...Damian Kindler is a music buff. It all just fit.

Q5 - @carolynequebec - I saw on the dragoncon's website that u will be there, but I want to be sure, so will you be at the dragoncon?

A5 - I will be there, barring any major life event. I'm very excited!!!!

[NOTE: Dragon*Con 2011 - Sept 2-5, 2011, Atlanta, GA]

Q6 - @Tititwee - What is your fav' ep of s03 and why?"For King and Country" for me:) for the most beautiful moment between J&H

A6 a - King and Country ranks right up there. Loved the dovetailing of past and present. Breach is a big fav...

A6 b - ...And Requiem. And Pavor Nocturnus Also season 4 Tempus!! Wow. Wait for it....

Thanks again for the questions. Have a wonderful night or day!! Xo

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