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Stargate Universe - Deseret News: Will 'StarGate Universe' end on a high note?

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DESERET NEWS: Will 'StarGate Universe' end on a high note?

By Mark Rappleye
March 13, 2011

From its creation, "Stargate Universe" has attempted to take the well-known world of wormhole travel in a distinctly different direction by quickly establishing itself as a much darker, grittier, sexier and more violent show than its predecessors. Whether this new direction is for better or worse will ultimately depend on how the series ends.

The show is the third in the "Stargate" franchise, following the 10-season run of "Stargate SG-1" and five seasons of "Stargate Atlantis." "Universe" is currently in the middle of its second and final season. It resumes on March 15 at 10 p.m. on Syfy...


... Look for improvements in the coming episodes. Viewers will begin to see the softer side of many characters, including the callous Rush. The show also seems to be leaning further and further away from its darker beginnings, making viewers question the morals of the characters less, having fewer sex scenes and even adding some comic relief.

The show will also continue to explore the faith-versus-science debate and even reveal which characters, given the choice between going home and staying on the ship, would choose to remain on Destiny to help Rush see it through to the end of its mission.

The crew also faces temporal displacement and confronts more moral dilemmas concerning the use of other people’s bodies for Earth visits.

Now on its final stretch, will "Stargate Universe" end on a high note or become the black sheep of an otherwise successful franchise? Only Destiny can tell.

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