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Jamil Walker Smith - Cinequest - 'Make a Movie Like Spike" - Director's Award Recipient

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Stargate Universe's Jamil Walker Smith independent movie, "Make a Movie Like Spike," was featured at the Cinequest Film Festival 21 in San Jose, CA on March 8, 2011.

Cinequest Presents the 2011 Award Winners

The 2011 Cinequest Juries were put to the task of selecting winners from over 150 films from 45 countries. What they discovered were myriad worlds that challenged, excited and surprised. Their job to find the top films was certainly not an easy one, and reaching a unanimous vote was nearly impossible because the films truly affected them in many ways and heated debates were sparked because of the passion each felt for the stories that were revealed.

Director's Awards


Make a Movie Like Spike
Director: Jamil Walker Smith


Make a Movie Like Spike

Director Jamil Walker Smith
Producer Brittany Ballard
Writer Jamil Walker Smith
Cinematographer Matthew Blute
Editor David Au
Cast Malcolm Goodwin, Jamil Walker Smith, Christine Dunford, Justin Shenkarow, Michael Trotter, Louis Ferreira, Eddie Ruiz, Bradley Stryker, Champagne Powell, Venita Metoyer

Country United States
Language English
Genre Drama

Two young marines hold onto their dreams even in darkness.

Luis (Stargate Universe’s Jamil Walker Smith) and Ronald (American Gangster’s Malcolm Goodwin) are best friends with dreams that extend far beyond the confines of their small Los Angeles neighborhood. Ronald is a soon-to-be father and Luis is an aspiring filmmaker who’s documenting their last 36 hours at home before they’re both deployed to fight in Afghanistan.

Their story captures both hilarious and heartwarming moments at home, but when the men turn the lens back on themselves in their darkest moment in the Afghan war zone, we find that their dreams and hopes for the future mean something entirely different within the frame of the battlefield. Director and star Jamil Walker Smith’s powerful film begs us not to look just at statistics and numbers of troops deployed and casualties, but to explore the human aspects of war and the effect it can have on the people, friends and loved ones.


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