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Warehouse 13 - SciFi and TV Talk: Joanne Kelly Interview

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Warehouse 13

SCIFI AND TV TALK: Warehouse 13's Joanne Kelly - A Matter Of Trust


In Warehouse 13‘s pilot episode, United States Secret Service Agent Myka Bering and fellow agent Pete Lattimer thwart an attack on the Mexican Ambassador’s daughter during a presidential visit to a Washington, D.C. museum. They are “rewarded” with a transfer to a top secret government facility in South Dakota where their new assignment is to help retrieve objects (or artifacts) that are potentially hazardous to the public. While Pete’s curiosity is slightly piqued at the prospect, Myka feels her skills could be better used elsewhere. When, however, she is offered a choice in the matter, the agent opts to stay put, and while it takes her a little while to get used to things, actress Joanne Kelly, who plays Myka, could not wait to dive in.


“There are some characters that you have to work a lot harder to get, while others almost seem like they’ve been written for you, and I felt that way about this one,” says Kelly. “Myka felt really ‘easy’ for me and it all just worked. It was the casting director for Warehouse 13who originally asked me to come in and read for the role. So I did the audition, then met with David Simkins, who I had worked with before on The Dresden Files. He was an executive producer on that series and is also one of the creators and executive producers on Warehouse 13. After that I met Jace Alexander, who directed the pilot, and [network] tested for the show.

“All in all it took probably about four months between the test and my getting the part and then waiting to hear if we were actually going to do it. Then we all shot the pilot together, which was a long time ago. From there, we waited almost a year before we began shooting the first season, but the first day of work on the pilot was like the first day of going to a new job. You wonder if you’re going to get along with everybody, you wonder if people are going to like you, and if you’re going to be good at what you do or if you’re going to fall flat on your face. It’s your first day at school, your first interview, your first job – I think all those feelings more or less come under the same umbrella...”

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