Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Castle - Daemon's TV: Penny Johnson Jerald Exclusive Interview

Source: Daemon's TV [follow link for complete interview]


DAEMON'S TV: Watch Out CASTLE, Penny Johnson Jerald aka “Iron Gates” Is The New Sheriff In Town (Exclusive Interview)

by Eric
September 25, 2011

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

No one knows but I think we might get a hint when the unstoppable force that it is Castle-Beckett meets the immovable Captain Victoria Gates aka “Iron Gates” played by 24 alumni Penny Johnson Jerald.

As the newest member of the Castle family, Penny took some time to chat with Daemon’s TV about her mysterious and intimidating character, her thoughts on joining such a popular show and what Richard Castle is in for. Read below for more details and don’t forget to tune in to the upcoming episode of Castle which airs Mondays on the ABC Television Network...


... Q: It must be a daunting task to join such a popular show with such an established fanbase. How do you deal with all of that?

Penny Johnson Jerald: "I learned long ago that you don’t read what the fans expect until you have something under your belly. Now, I’m a newcomer when it comes to ‘Castle.’ So, I have to fit in with the rhythm of the show. I have to know that this is the style of the show, but I do have to be smart enough to know that they wrote a different character. So, they want something a little different. I have to be careful in how I introduce that into my body of work because you don’t want to throw those people who have been watching.

I have to tell you, a lot of the time fans know more than you. When I was doing ‘Star Trek’ I never knew that I had a baby and all this stuff. I would be giving a lecture or something and a fan would raise his or her hand and tell me, ‘Oh, no, but your character…,’ and I’d go, ‘Oh, okay. I stand corrected. I’ll just throw that into the mix.’ It’s kind of like a great acting game. You are thrown into a room and your baby just died and someone says something else to you and you go, ‘Okay, I’ll do that one, too.’ So, then it becomes fun and never boring for you as an actor when you go to work because you don’t know what to expect...

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