Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stargate Universe - David Blue & Elyse Levesque Interview

Source: The Daily Collegian [follow link for complete interview]

Stargate: Universe stars talk about show

November 14, 2010
By Karina Yucel

David Blue and Elyse Levesque from "Stargate: Universe" talked to me about what drew them to this unusual sci-fi show.

Q: What drew you to "Stargate: Universe?"


A: D – The project itself. Truthfully I was a fan of the project and the franchise. I was kind of scared to take the job. People advised me against it. I read the script and I realized it was something I could sink my teeth into and really challenge me as an actor. I work with interesting people and it’s a challenge that hasn’t let me down.

E - I had heard about it, I was living as an actor in Canada, and while I was working, I heard about the franchise. In my audition, the scene was David and I in the car. I read it and I knew what was happening, I felt an instant connection to my character.

Then came the point when I got the chance to read the full script. I hadn’t seen anything like it before; I was immediately invested in all the characters immediately. Robert Carlyle was attached to the show; it just seemed like a win win.


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