Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sanctuary - TV Guide: Sci-fi Preview:

Source: TV Guide: [follow link for complete article]

Today's News: Our Take

Sci-fi Preview: Scoop on Smallville, Supernatural, Walking Dead and More!
Nov 16, 2010

TV Guide Magazine's winter sci-fi preview goes on sale this week, and here's some of the scoop we rounded up:

* Is Sanctuary's Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) a murderess? Fans of the Syfy series will learn that the kindly, 158-year-old scientist was forced to kill her fellow Oxford student Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) back in the Victorian era. Now this same man — a genius psychopath and the inspiration for Jekyll and Hyde — has time-warped to the present to raise hell. Creator Damian Kindler says, "Magnus must make a deal with the devil because Adam has information about Hollow Earth — an entire world that has been hidden from us for a very good reason."


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