Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kaley Cuoco - CBS Watch: Justify Her Love

Source: CBS Watch October 2010 Issue [follow link for complete interview]

Justify Her Love

You’ve seen Madonna’s video… now Patrick Demarchelier imagines what happened before and after, and how the starlet met the mysterious beau.

Photos by Patrick Demarchelier

exclusively for CBS

Story by Hudson Morgan

Styling by Angelique O’Neil

As the girl next door on The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco has brought new meaning to the phrase “Love thy neighbor.” And now that 14 million people are tuning in to the show every week, the 24-year-old actress is thinking even bigger. Sexy Patrick Demarchelier cover shoot? Done. Three movies this year, including a cool indie and a big-budget comedy with Russell Brand? Done and done. New time slot for Big Bang? You bet. On the eve of the show’s big Thursday night debut, Cuoco sat down with Watch! to talk about the series, her love life and secret relationship with a co-star.


WATCH!: Are you more of a heartbreaker or a heartbreakee?

KALEY: I get my heart broken constantly. I fall really hard, really fast. And even when I get my heart broken, I do it again. Like, immediately. I just have a huge heart, I have so much to give. I’m not a casual dater. I like to have a boyfriend, I like to be in a relationship, I want to get married someday. Trust me, I wish I could be that casual slutty girl who dates everyone.

WATCH!: What kind of guys do you go for?

KALEY: I don’t have a type. If you could see the men I’ve dated, it’s like a prison lineup. I love to laugh and goof around, I don’t take myself seriously, and I just want someone to have fun with. They’ve got to be able to keep up with me. The truth is, I am such a good girlfriend! I’m just ready to have a good boyfriend. I’m like the best girlfriend ever!


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