Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sanctuary - 10 Actors To Watch in 2011 - Ryan Robbins

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10 Actors To Watch in 2011

We take a look at ten actors who may breakout in the next year!

by Sax Carr
Nov 15, 2010

Ryan Robbins (Henry – "Sanctuary")


Never let it be said that the Syfy channel doesn’t keep the good actors around and use them over and over. Ryan Robbins has been in almost every named property the Syfy channel has even produced. From "Battlestar" to "Stargate." He’ll make an appearance on "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13" soon too, I’m sure. Its just how Syfy works.

But for all of his roles in television and movies, he’s just not getting that leading roll that will make him famous on the level he clearly deserves. He’s really worth a watch on "Sanctuary" in a dualistic role as a techy AND a werewolf. Good stuff. He just needs to get recognized for his skills and get some screen time and he’ll be yet another big name Hollywood Ryan.

Why He’ll Break Out in 2011: He’s in more then one movie in the upcoming year, and Syfy is positioning him to be a stand-out in “Riese” if it makes it to the main screen (from a web-only series as it currently is). But with this guy's consistency or credits, its just a matter of time.

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