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The Outer Limits ('95) - Chiller TV: Season 2 Marathon Schedule Aug 26 '13

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Outer Limits 1995


06:00 AM Afterlife

A man (Clancy Brown) convicted of murder is given a grim choice: execution, or participation in a secret experiment involving alien DNA.

Cast includes Clancy Brown, Barbara Garrick, Duncan Fraser, Alan Rachins, Sean Allan, Robin Mossley, Once Upon A Time's Mig Macario, Richard Leacock, Garvin Cross and Terry Howson.

07:00 AM The Deprogrammers

In a future where humans are programmed to be slaves to their alien rulers, a group of rebels kidnaps the alien leader's personal slave (Erich Anderson), hoping to persuade him to be an assassin.

Cast includes Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner, Erich Anderson, Nicole Oliver, Sam Vincent, Vincent Hammond, Dean McKenzie and Adam Harrington.

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09:00 AM Paradise

A doctor (Mel Harris) and a town sheriff (Geraint Wyn Davies) are baffled by the mysterious deaths of three young women and the disappearance of two elderly people.

Cast includes Mel Harris, Geraint Wyn Davies, Timothy Webber, Maxine Miller, Heather Hanson, Betty Linde, Sebastian Spence, April Telek, Harold Gould, Walter Marsh, A.J. Unger and Lindsay Bourne.

10:00 AM The Light Brigade

Earth, fighting a losing battle with alien forces, launches a fleet of vessels that is ambushed and destroyed---except for one ship carrying a huge bomb, plus crewmen who've received fatal doses of radiation.

Written by Stargate SG-1's Brad Wright.

Cast includes Robert Patrick, Graham Greene, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wil Wheaton, Adrian G. Griffiths, Michael Kopsa, Adrian Holmes and Nathaniel DeVeaux.

11:00 AM Falling Star

A fan from the future persuades a singer (Sheena Easton) not to commit suicide, which changes history, and authorities from the future want her terminated.

Cast includes Sheena Easton, John Pyper-Ferguson, Motive's Kristin Lehman, Sarah Strange, Victoria Morsell, Xander Berkeley and Peter Bryant.

12:00 PM Out of Body

A scientist (Peri Gilpin), lacking funds for her "out of body" experiments on chimpanzees, tries them on herself---unaware that a saboteur has tampered with her research.

Cast includes Peri Gilpin, Victor Garber, William B. Davis, Joely Fisher and Wally Dalton.

01:00 PM Vanishing Act

A man (Jon Cryer) goes out for ice cream and returns 10 years later, insisting he's been gone for only hours.

Cast includes Two and a Half Men's Jon Cryer, Dean McDermott, Richard Ian Cox, Jessica Lundy and Eric Schneider.

02:00 PM The Sentence

When a prison inmate is killed by a computer program that compresses a life sentence into mere hours, its creator (David Hyde Pierce) is convicted of murder and finds himself in a hellish prison.

Cast includes David Hyde Pierce, Andrea Roth, Garwin Sanford, Jan D'Arcy, Doron Bell, Dave 'Squatch' Ward, Tamsin Kelsey, Douglas Stewart and Crystal Verge.

03:00 PM Bits of Love

Following a nuclear holocaust in the year 2047, a man (Jon Tenney) surrounds himself with computer-generated friends and relatives---failing to realize the true capacity of the computer.

Cast includes King & Maxwell's Jon Tenney, Matthew Walker, Sheila Larken, Steve Bacic, Natasha Henstridge, Ingrid Kavelaars, Crystal Cass and Brett Stone.

04:00 PM Second Thoughts

Via a secret invention, a dying scientist (John Gilbert) transfers his mind into that of a mentally-handicapped man (Howie Mandel).

Cast includes Howie Mandel, Jennifer Rubin, John Gilbert, Terry David Mulligan, Lorena Gale, Ryan Michael, Jerry Wasserman, Dean Balkwill, Althea McAdam and Gordon Tipple.

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