Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alex O'Loughlin - Hawaii Five-0 - TV Guide: Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off

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... Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Premieres: Friday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c

Where We Left Off: After Adam shot his brother to save Kono, the duo fled Hawaii to save Adam's life. While visiting Wo Fat in prison, McGarrett learned that Wo Fat's enemies were coming to kill him.

What's Next: Despite his better judgment, McGarrett will help Wo Fat. "He's definitely conflicted," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. "But it's not something he can dwell on. … He has no choice but to save Wo Fat's life." But there may be a fringe benefit. Although Lenkov says we won't see Mama McGarrett early this season, Steve will get answers about Doris' connection to Wo Fat. Elsewhere, Adam and Kono remain on the run, Danny's love life will hit a Grace-shaped snag and Catherine is taken hostage, which puts McGarrett at odds with new SWAT Commander Captain Grover (guest star Chi McBride). "He and McGarrett have very different styles and will be butting heads almost from go. And from there it will only get worse!" Lenkov says.

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