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Warehouse 13 - TV Equals: Anthony Stewart Head Interview

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TV EQUALS: Anthony Head Discusses Upcoming Guest Arc on Warehouse 13

By Adam Newland
June 24, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, a science-fiction icon is returning to the small screen.

With some satisfying performances in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Merlin, Anthony Head has established himself as one of the more reliable actors in the science fiction genre. His screen credits are wide ranging and numerous, but science-fiction will always be the place where he has the most devoted following. Head is returning to the genre ... with a three episode arc on Syfy’s flagship series, Warehouse 13.

The actor and Warehouse 13 showrunner Jack Kenny answered a few questions about Head’s upcoming arc, the series in general, and many other things (even some Buffy) during a conference call last Tuesday. Here were some of the highlights...

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... On Head’s character

Head will be playing an “evil, evil man” named Paracelsus, who is a 16th century alchemist with a pretty impressive, and deadly, mastery of artifacts. His character is based off the real life Paracelsus, who regularly questioned and challenged the common beliefs and medical practices of his day. Considered a rebel during his time, it seems all of his time to think has driven him quite mad.

In addition, Kenny teased that the emergence of Paracelsus has a connection to something that occurred in “What Matters Most” and that his appearance would have far reaching effects beyond this season...

... Head as science-fiction icon

Head spoke about his enjoyment and appreciation of the sci-fi genre as well. He remarked that science-fiction can be “very allegorical” and tell us about our lives while still having the ability to do absolutely anything. He referenced that he believed Buffy was very allegorical to real life while still maintaining a fantastical appeal. He also mentioned his appreciation for the sci-fi community. He referred to science-fiction fans as an “extremely loyal community” who are also “extremely loving”...

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