Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Outer Limits ('63) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule May 16 '13

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09:00 AM Soldier - * Excellent Episode *

A soldier (Michael Ansara) of the future is transported into the past---our present.

Cast includes Lloyd Nolan, Michael Ansara, Tim O'Connor, Ralph Hart, Jill Hill, Allen Jaffe, Marlowe Jensen and Catherine McLeod.

10:00 AM Cold Hands, Warm Heart

After returning from Venus, an astronaut (William Shatner) finds that he is unable to keep warm.

Cast includes Star Trek's William Shatner, Geraldine Brooks, Lloyd Gough, Malachi Throne, James Sikking, Lawrence Montaigne, Henry Scott, Julian Burton and Peter Madsen.

11:00 AM Behold, Eck!

This drama focuses on an expert (Peter Lind Hayes), who designs eyeglasses that let him see two-dimensional creatures.

Cast includes Peter Lind Hayes, Joan Freeman, Parley Baer, Douglas Henderson, Sammy Reese, Marcel Hebert, Paul Sorensen and Jack Wilson.

12:00 PM Expanding Human

Unusual thefts---and murders---occur where drug experiments are being conducted.

Cast includes Skip Homeier, Keith Andes, Star Trek's James Doohan, Vaughn Taylor, Barbara Wilkin, Robert Doyle, Shirley O'Hara, Peter Duryea, Jason Wingreen and Troy Melton.

01:00 PM Demon With A Glass Hand - * Excellent Episode *

The last man on Earth seeks answers: why was his planet attacked and why did he survive? Episode written by Harlan Ellison.

Cast includes I Spy's Robert Culp, Arlene Martel, Abraham Sofaer, Rex Holman, Steve Harris and Robert Fortier.

02:00 PM Cry Of Silence

A husband (Eddie Albert) and wife are haunted by indecipherable sounds---which seem to come from tumbleweeds.

Cast includes Eddie Albert, June Havoc and Arthur Hunnicutt.

03:00 PM The Invisible Enemy

"The Invisible Enemy," which has already killed the first astronauts on Mars, lurks as a second team approaches.

Cast includes Batman's Adam West, Rudy Solari, Joe Maross, Ted Knight, Chris Alcaide, Anthony Costello, Robert DoQui, Peter Marko and Michael T. Mikler.

04:00 PM Wolf 359

Dr. Jonathan Meredith (Patrick O'Neal) looks for a way to reproduce a distant planet.

Cast includes Patrick O'Neal, Sara Shane, Peter Haskell, Ben Wright and Dabney Coleman.

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