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Mark Harmon - NCIS - USA Network: 'We Like Mike' Marathon Schedule May 18 '13

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NCIS cast includes Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Sean Murray, Cote de Pablo, Brien Dietzen, Lauren Holly, and Rocky Carroll.

11:00 AM HIATUS (1) (season 3) * Excellent Episode! *

Part 1 of two. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is hurt in a terrorist explosion, and Tony (Michael Weatherly), as senior agent, takes command, causing some bad feelings within the team. Meanwhile, the recovering Gibbs has flashbacks from his past that lead suppressed emotions to surface.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Cotter Smith, Christopher Maher, Burt Bulos, Jarvis W. George, Aloma Wright, Tess Lina, Scandal's Darby Stanchfield, Jamison Jones, Brett Cullen and Mary Mouser.

12:00 PM HIATUS (2) (season 3)

Conclusion. The team tries to prevent a terrorist bombing targeting the Navy, while Gibbs (Mark Harmon), still recovering from his injury, suffers memory loss.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Tyrees Allen, Christopher Maher, Burt Bulos, Susan Santiago, Tess Lina, Jarvis W. George, Scandal's Darby Stanchfield, Brett Cullen, Alan Pietruszewski, Stephanie Mello, Cotter Smith, Kevin E. West and Hawk Younkins.

01:00 PM SHALOM (season 4) * Excellent Episode *

With Gibbs (Mark Harmon) retired to Mexico, Tony's (Michael Weatherly) in charge, and he has his hands full when Ziva (Cote de Pablo) witnesses a political assassination and the FBI believes she's the killer. While the team searches for Ziva, who's on the run, she seeks out the one person she knows can help her.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Don Franklin, Liza Lapira, Eli Danker, Eyal Podell, Saba Homayoon, Susan Santiago and Sheila Frazier.

02:00 PM FAKING IT (season 4)

The murder of a petty officer who was working undercover as part of an arms operation leads the agents to a Russian spy, but Homeland Security throws a wrench in the case when they claim that the spy is working for them.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Geoff Pierson, Ravil Isyanov, Albie Selznick, Nolan North, V.J. Foster and Armando Molina.

03:00 PM ICEMAN (season 4)

A marine who was believed to have frozen to death wakes up on Ducky's (David McCallum) autopsy table. A probe into his past reveals a secret trip to Baghdad on a private cargo plane and a link to Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) past.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Scottie Thompson, Navid Negahban, Stephanie Venditto, Steven Elder and Jeremy A. Roberts.

04:00 PM JUDGEMENT DAY (1) (season 5)

In the fifth-season finale, the agents are all at risk as they search for a killer who took the life of one of their own.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Betsy Rue, Oleg Taktarov, Terrence Hardy Jr., Wyatt Smith, Reginald James, Marc Vahanian and Carter Vera.

05:00 PM JUDGEMENT DAY (2) (season 5)

The action continues as NCIS has to deal with the death of one of their own. It's all connected to an operation Gibbs ran several years ago. Major changes for NCIS when the dust settles.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Oleg Taktarov, Kathleen Gati, Sheila Frazier, Mike Muscat and Carter Vera.

06:00 PM DELIVERANCE (season 6)

The investigation into the death of a Marine leads the team into the middle of an inner-city gang war, forcing Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to confront a secret from his past.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Kurt Caceres, Jesse Garcia, Kari Coleman, Joseph Julian Soria, Chad Todhunter, Ana Mercedes, Héctor A. García, Eloy Méndez, Frank Alvarez and Sean Harmon.

07:00 PM RULE FIFTY-ONE (season 7)

In the seventh-season finale, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) faces a drug cartel in Mexico, and he makes a monumental decision that calls into question the rules by which he lives.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Marco Sanchez, Jacqueline Obradors, Dylan Bruno, Scandal's Darby Stanchfield, Rena Sofer, Ariel Llinas and Ralph Waite.

08:00 PM SPIDER AND THE FLY (season 8)

In the eighth-season opener, the Reynosa cartel tries to hurt Gibbs (Mark Harmon) by going after those he loves, and Gibbs must take extreme steps to protect them from harm.

Guest stars include Ralph Waite, Muse Watson, Marco Sanchez, Jacqueline Obradors, Andrew Thacher and Burton Perez.

09:00 PM SWAN SONG (season 8)

The search for the Port-to-Port killer heats up because his latest victim has ties with NCIS.

Guest stars include Matthew Willig, Alimi Ballard, David Dayan Fisher, Sarah Jane Morris, Kerr Smith, Jesse Stern and Muse Watson.

10:00 PM PYRAMID (season 8)

In the eighth-season finale, the team members are in grave danger when they finally confront the Port-to-Port killer.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Sarah Jane Morris, Enrique Murciano, David Dayan Fisher, Kerr Smith, Alimi Ballard, Matthew Willig, Matt Craven, Jude Ciccolella, Tehmina Sunny and Vera Miao.

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