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Mark Harmon - NCIS - USA Network: 'Caffeinated Cases' Marathon Schedule May 16 '13

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NCIS cast includes Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Sasha Alexander, Cote de Pablo, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Sean Murray, Pancho Demmings, Brien Dietzen, Alan Dale, Lauren Holly and Rocky Carroll.

01:00 PM THE CURSE (season 1)

A hunter discovers a cargo pod stuffed with the mummified body of a Naval officer who vanished in 1994 and was believed to have stolen money from his ship.

Guest stars include Arrow's David Ramsey, Melora Hardin, Jim Pirri, Lauren Bowles, Robert Pine, Tommy Hinkley, Bill Birch and Jonathan Wade-Drahos.

02:00 PM SUB ROSA (season 1)

The discovery of the body of a Navy submariner whose features are all but obliterated leads Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to believe a terrorist has stolen the man's identity and is aboard a sub.

[NOTE: This episode introduces the character of Special Agent Timothy McGee - Sean Murray.]

Guest stars include Peter Onorati, Sean Murray, Glenn Morshower, Ben Murphy, Michael Lowry, Eric Ladin, David Monahan, J. Robin Miller, Mik Scriba and David O'Donnell.

03:00 PM THE GOOD SAMARITAN (season 1)

The team investigates the murder of a Naval officer who was shot as he tried to help a stranded motorist.

Guest stars include Stephanie Hodge, Heidi Dippold, Kate McNeil, Kirk B.R. Woller and Sean McGowan.

04:00 PM DEAD MAN TALKING (season 1) * Excellent Episode! *

The team investigates the murder of one of their own, an NCIS agent who was working on a cold case when he was shot and nearly disemboweled.

Guest stars include Jamie Luner, Fredric Lehne, Cristine Rose, John Marshall Jones, Tim Kelleher and Nick Jaine.

05:00 PM TWILIGHT (season 2)

The investigation into the murders of two Navy officers leads to the discovery that the killings are part of a bigger plan---which includes the assassination of Gibbs (Mark Harmon). And Gibbs' nemesis the terrorist Ari (Rudolf Martin) could be the mastermind.

Guest stars include Rudolf Martin, Benjamin John Parrillo, Shane Conrad, Dennis Cockrum, Alan Dale, Joe Spano and Ryan Culver.

06:00 PM KILL ARI (1) (season 3)

Part 1 of two. Kate's (Sasha Alexander) shocking murder is on the minds of the NCIS team, especially Gibbs (Mark Harmon), who comes to the horrifying realization that Ari (Rudolf Martin) is trying to kill all of his crew and sets out to take the terrorist down. But Gibbs has two more challenges: getting the higher-ups to agree with him that Ari is the shooter; and working with a new director (Lauren Holly), with whom he's had a previous relationship.

Guest stars include Rudolf Martin, Sasha Alexander, Pancho Demmings, Alan Dale and A.J. Tannen.

07:00 PM KILL ARI (2) (season 3)

Conclusion. Ari (Rudolf Martin) lures Ducky (David McCallum) away from headquarters and kidnaps him, sending Gibbs (Mark Harmon) into a frantic search for his colleague and friend.

Guest stars include Sasha Alexander, Rudolf Martin, Gloria Votsis, Pancho Demmings and Joe Spano.

08:00 PM UNDER COVERS (season 3)

Tony and Ziva (Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo) pose as husband-and-wife assassins in order to make contact with a terrorist cell believed to be planning a hit at a ball filled with top military officials.

Guest stars include Phillip Rhys, Michelle Krusiec, Michael Bellisario, Eric Steinberg, Joe Spano, Matt Kaminsky and Sonny Surowiec.

09:00 PM LIGHT SLEEPER (season 3) * Excellent Episode *

The team searches for the professional killer who murdered two Korean women married to marines, and the case is complicated further by the disappearance of the victims' friend (Esther K. Chae), also Korean and married to a marine.

Guest stars include Keone Young, Esther Chae, Karl Makinen, Tim Griffin and Ruth Rudnick.

10:00 PM JACK KNIFE (season 7)

The team investigates an illegal trucking operation that's responsible for the death of a marine.

Guest stars include Paul Telfer, Peter Woodward, Jason Spisak, David St. Louis and Joe Spano.

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