Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stargate Atlantis - Syfy: May 2013 Season 2 Encore Schedule

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Stargate Atlantis season two cast includes Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, David Hewlett, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, David Nykl and Jason Momoa.

May 04 05:00 AM Condemned

The team's suspicions are aroused when they arrive on the technologically advanced world of Olesia, where the population appears to be immune from the ravages of the Wraith. McKay and Sheppard (David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan) soon discover why when their puddle jumper crash-lands on a secluded island.

Guest stars include Darcy Belsher, Christian Bocher, Alan C. Peterson, Rogue's Kavan Smith, Kyla Wise, James Lafazanos and Chuck Campbell.

May 11 05:00 AM Trinity

McKay (David Hewlett) tries to harness an energy source hidden within a monolith constructed by the Ancients on a planet previously believed to have been destroyed by the Wraith. But his obsession with tapping the structure's power has deadly consequences.

Guest stars include Sean Campbell, Dallas' Mitch Pileggi, Eureka's Chris Gauthier, Barry Greene, Chuck Campbell, Terry Howson, Mark Pawson and Mark Hoeppner.

May 18 05:00 AM Instinct

A synthetic virus created by Dr. Beckett (Paul McGillion) to revert Wraiths to human form puts Sheppard's (Joe Flanigan) life in jeopardy after the team encounters a girl (Jewel Staite) in the early stages of Wraith development.

Guest stars include Jewel Staite, John Innes, Stephen Dimopoulos, Tom Bates, Nico McEown, Blake Stadel, Tanya Champoux and Kayma Seamark.

May 25 05:00 AM Conversion

Beckett and McKay (Paul McGillion, David Hewlett) race to curb Sheppard's (Joe Flanigan) disturbing metamorphosis when he begins to exhibit Wraith traits after being exposed to a strange virus.

Guest stars include Rogue's Kavan Smith, Dallas' Mitch Pileggi, Matthew Harrison, Lindsay Collins, Todd Hann, France Perras and Andy Nez.

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