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Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld: Michael Shanks Interview

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GATEWORLD: Shanks For The Memories

Monday - March 18, 2013
by Chad Colvin

It’s quite possible that post-Stargate SG-1, the cast member with the most visibility in various forms of media has been Michael Shanks. Whether he’s been reprising his “Daniel Jackson” role on either of the television spin-offs or in the audio adventures produced by Big Finish, starring in his own series, lending his talents to other Vancouver-based genre series and made-for-TV movies, or popping up in cinemas in big-budget theatrical releases, there’s no denying the man is virtually everywhere.

That conceit makes it all the more impressive that GateWorld finally was able to track the actor down and reconnect, both last fall when the actor was a part of Creation Entertainment‘s Official Stargate Convention in Chicago, and since then. And while Shanks has been busy, there’s no doubt he’s enjoying the amount and variety of work he’s been getting.

In our newest interview with Michael Shanks, the actor discusses television without Stargate on it, his latest series Saving Hope, the variety of film projects he has on tap, and the one project so near to his heart that he and others would have (but didn’t) work on for free...

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(Michael Shanks from Saving Hope)

... GateWorld: Let’s talk a little bit about your thoughts on the television landscape right now … where there is — for the first time in a long time — no Stargate at all. Does it feel odd to you?

Michael Shanks: "Yeah, it’s interesting. What’s the best way to put it? It’s strange, it’s very strange.

I did this movie Elysium. I did a small part in it last year. And we were in the studio. We were filming in Stage 6 at The Bridge Studios. Seeing that space occupied by a different set after, not just SG-1 but Atlantis, too. Having a different set there, and knowing that everything was kind of unfamiliar. Not having been there for the destruction of everything … it was kind of weird in the first place. Let alone having another alien control center built into that stage. And next door where we had other sets, Once Upon a Time is filming and time marches on.

It is weird to not have the show be on the air. And not to know that something is being filmed in that studio Stargate-wise. But, what’s great about doing conventions and just even interviews like this with GateWorld, is that it’s like the legacy kind of lives on. I think I have been apart from the franchise enough in my life, where there is a bit of a more healthy detachment from it. And I know there is a certain adjustment period that a lot of people are having to make right now. Including our producers and our writers and regular directors and stuff. They are now having to transition out into the real world from basically this Stargate cocoon that they were in for many years.

A chunk of us from the original show had to do that a few years back. We’re a little more [adept after some time] on the “finding our feet” kind of thing. And moving on to other stuff. But I know those first few years — it was a weird transition. And for our audience as well, to not have the show be on the air in any form is probably pretty strange...

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