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The Outer Limits ('95) - Chiller TV: Season 7 Marathon Schedule Feb 5 '13

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Outer Limits 1995


06:00 AM The Surrogate

A healthy young woman (Heather Donahue) takes part in a surrogate birth mother program, but quickly learns that the program isn't what it appears.

Cast includes Heather Donahue, Erich Anderson, Ocean Hellman, Cheryl Wilson, Ian Robison, Elizabeth McLaughlin, William MacDonald, G. Patrick Currie, Ronin Wong, Enid-Raye Adams, Simone Bailly and Samantha McKenna.

07:00 AM Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa (Laura Harris) is a robotic assassin that develops a sense of humanity after the creators disengage her fail safe devices. She proceeds to find out more about earth and its inhabitants.

Cast includes Biski Gugushe, Laura Harris, Michael P. Northey, Rick Poltaruk, Rachel Ticotin, Julia Tortolano, Timothy Webber and Dean Wray.

09:00 AM Final Appeal - Part 1

In the year 2076, a 20th-century scientist (Amanda Plummer) goes on trial for transporting her time machine into a world where all technology has been outlawed.

Cast includes Amanda Plummer, Cicely Tyson, Swoosie Kurtz, Kelly McGillis, Robert Loggia, CSI's Wallace Langham, Michael Moriarty, Hal Holbrook, Charlton Heston, Mark Gibbon and Laara Ong.

10:00 AM Final Appeal - Part 2

In the year 2076, the trial of a time-traveling 20th-century scientist (Amanda Plummer) is interrupted by a surprise intermediary.

11:00 AM A New Life

Yuppie Daniel (Brad Rowe) opts to drop out of hectic city life in favor of a peaceful existence under the guidance of a charismatic guru (Nick Mancuso). But Daniel may have to pay for spiritual enlightenment. Directed by Mario Azzopardi.

Cast includes Brad Rowe, Suburgatory 's Jeremy Sisto, Michelle Beaudoin, Nick Mancuso, Holly Ferguson, Michael Eklund and Jeremy Van der Driesen.

12:00 PM The Vessel

In the year 2006, an arrogant, self-centered author (Jere Burns) is the lone survivor of a space-shuttle explosion. In time, his callous disposition gives way to a new outlook on life, but medical tests reveal that his body is undergoing a strange metamorphosis.

Cast includes Zachary Ansley, Jay Brazeau, Justified's Jere Burns, Tom Butler, Chilton Crane, Anthony De Longis, Deni DeLory, Falling Skies' Bruce Gray and Marie Stillin.

01:00 PM Patient Zero

A time-traveler (Michael Rooker) goes into the past to prevent a young woman (Tanya Allen) from spreading a killer virus that will destroy millions of people in the future.

Cast includes The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker, Tanya Allen, Laurie Murdoch, Gillian Barber, David Cubitt, Patrick McManus and Kyra Azzopardi. Directed by Mario Azzopardi.

02:00 PM Family Values

Workaholic Jerry Miller (Tom Arnold) purchases a futuristic robot (Gerard Plunket) to care for his household, but the results are so good Jerry finds himself outclassed in the eyes of his family.

Cast includes Tom Arnold, Catherine Mary Stewart, Gerard Plunkett, Kimberley Warnat, Giacomo Baessato, Alf Humphreys, Once Upon A Time's Beverley Elliott, Jordan Weller and Jade Pawluk.

03:00 PM The Surrogate
04:00 PM Mona Lisa

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