Friday, February 1, 2013

Syfy - Entertainment Weekly: 7 TV Gripes You Should Quit Complaining About

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Syfy’s name is stupid! (And where are the space shows?)”

February 1, 2013
by James Hibberd

Syfy’s name IS stupid. And I want space shows too. But The Sci-Fi Channel becoming Syfy and expanding its brand beyond nerd-friendly space operas didn’t hurt the network. Syfy ratings haven’t much changed since the 2009 switch and, let’s face it, we’ve gotten used to “Syfy” and don’t spend our free time hating it now. Still, we’re not letting a network that went from Battlestar Galactica to Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen off the hook. Syfy zigged (hey guys, let’s “Imagine Greater” with female friendly shows like Haven, Lost Girl and a bunch of reality shows), while rivals zagged right onto their turf by making hard-edged genre dramas like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Falling Skies and Spartacus — all of which set ratings records for their respective networks. Syfy could have grown their ratings by embracing truly gritty sci-fi/fantasy/horror instead of running screaming from its old brand like it was too cool to hang with the Comic-Con geeks. So, yeah, Syfy arguably messed up, but not because of its name switch...

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