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Mark Harmon - NCIS - USA Network: Marathon Schedule Feb 16 '13

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NCIS cast includes Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Sean Murray, Cote de Pablo, Brien Dietzen, Sasha Alexander, Alan Dale, Pancho Demmings, Lauren Holly and Rocky Carroll.

NEW NCIS season ten episodes air Tuesday at 8/7C on CBS.

10:00 AM UNSEALED (season 1)

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team search for a former Navy SEAL who escaped from Leavenworth, where he was serving time for killing his wife and her lover.

Guest stars include Tim Abell, Alicia Coppola, Randy J. Goodwin, Leon Russom, Barbara Tarbuck, Al Sapienza, Tim Kelleher, Roxana Zal, Cody Estes, Cristi Harris and Archie Drury.

11:00 AM CONSPIRACY THEORY (season 2)

A petty officer (Hilary Salvatore) with psychological problems claims monsters are after her, and Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) gut tells him she's in real trouble, especially when his investigation is stonewalled by the FBI.

Guest stars include Joe Spano, Brigid Brannagh, Dan Ziskie, Jennifer Dundas, Hilary Angelo, Molly Hagan, Dean McDermott, Kevin Quigley, Jonathan Redford and Robert Ray Manning Jr.

12:00 PM HOMETOWN HERO (season 2)

The skeletal remains of a woman are found in the storage locker of a soldier who was killed in Iraq and is being recommended for a posthumous Silver Star, but evidence suggests he may be the woman's killer. Directed by James Whitmore Jr.

Guest stars include Vincent Angell, Alicia Coppola, Shashawnee Hall, Anne Judson-Yager, Zack Ward, Elizabeth Connors, Matt Bushell, Paul Rae and Hosea Chanchez.

01:00 PM FRAME-UP (season 3)

When a woman's severed legs are found at Quantico, the forensic evidence makes Tony (Michael Weatherly) a suspect, and the team races to find out who's framing him.

Guest stars include Don Franklin, Michael Bellisario, Matt Malloy, Lindsay Price, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Jarrod Crawford, Randy Wayne, Joe Spano, Casey Weiant and David Brant.

02:00 PM MOTHER'S DAY (season 7)

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is drawn into his past when his former mother-in-law, played by Gena Rowlands, witnesses the murder of a Navy captain.

Guest stars include Gena Rowlands, Rena Sofer, Adam Kaufman, Bryce Johnson, Michelle Pierce, Eric Tiede and Blythe Auffarth.

03:00 PM CAPITOL OFFENSE (season 6)

A prominent senator (Tim DeKay) asks Gibbs to solve the murder of a female Navy officer.

Guest stars include White Collar's Tim DeKay, Susan Floyd, Marcus Chait, William Bumiller, Bill Sage and Sara Sanderson.

04:00 PM ROAD KILL (season 6)

The team investigates the death of a petty officer, who was killed in a car accident, but the agents suspect foul play. Antonio Sabato Jr. and Tracy Scoggins guest star.

Guest stars include Tracy Scoggins, Antonio Sabato Jr., Brian Letscher, Kai Lennox, Andrew Rothenberg, John Henry Canavan, Brian R. Norris, Michelle Mulitz and Christopher McDaniel.

05:00 PM HEARTLAND (season 6)

Two marines are murdered and the investigation leads Gibbs (Mark Harmon) back to his hometown, where secrets about his past come to light. Ralph Waite guest stars.

Guest stars include Ralph Waite, Richard Lineback, Casey Sander, Christian Campbell, Dendrie Taylor, Kayla Mae Maloney, Geno Monteiro, Aviva, Erik Eidem, Sean Harmon, Brandon Hirsch, Clint Carmichael, Marcus Christian, Thomas Blake Jr. and Griffin Churchill.

06:00 PM SILENT NIGHT (season 6)

The team must work on a difficult case during the week of Christmas when it's learned the prime suspect has supposedly been dead for 17 years.

Guest stars include Peter Coyote, Kay Lenz, Ryan Bittle, Carla Gallo, Eric Stonestreet, Charles Carroll, Wesley Jonathan and Bill Stevenson.

07:00 PM JURISDICTION (season 7)

The team investigates the murder of a Navy diver, and they work with their Coast Guard equivalent (CGIS), with whom they find some striking similarities.

Guest stars include Diane Neal, Gabrielle Miller, Shanna Moakler, Eddie Shin, Larry Brandenburg, Aaron Lustig, Richard Tillman and Brody Hutzler.

08:00 PM BROKEN ARROW (season 8)

Tony's (Michael Weatherly) father (Robert Wagner) returns at the request of Gibbs (Mark Harmon), who surprises the team when he enlists his help on a sensitive case.

Guest stars include Robert Wagner, Babylon 5's Bruce Boxleitner, Cameron Daddo, Kal Weber, Samm Levine, Tamer Hassan, Musetta Vander, Leslie-Anne Huff and Toby Meuli.

09:00 PM SHIPS IN THE NIGHT (season 8)

When a marine is murdered while on a dinner cruise, the team works with the Coast Guard Investigative Service to solve the crime.

Guest stars include Diane Neal, Roark Critchlow, Tiffany Dupont, Tyler Hynes, Patch Darragh, Gino Anthony Pesi, Leith M. Burke and Wes Brown.

10:00 PM RECRUITED (season 8)

A Navy recruiter is killed at a college fair, and the team is helped by Ducky's (David McCallum) predecessor, Dr. Walter Magnus (Bob Newhart).

Guest stars include Bob Newhart, John Posey, Guy Wilson, Jonathan Goldstein, Andi Carnick, Sean Blakemore, Tonja Kahlens and Chad Michael Collins.

12:01 AM UNSEALED (season 1)
01:00 AM MOTHER'S DAY (season 7)

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