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The BiG Bang Theory - the TV addict: Kunal Nayyar Interview

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Big Bang

THE TV ADDICT: We Shine the Spotlight on THE BIG BANG THEORY Star Kunal Nayyar

By Tiffany Vogt
January 3rd, 2013

Given the stratospheric rise of CBS’ comedy series THE BIG BANG THEORY, it is no wonder the co-star KUNAL Nayyar feels a bit struck by lightening. Life is good when you are king and working on a hit TV series like BIG BANG THEORY is enough to make any actor feel blessed and grateful that television audiences have embraced it so warmly. In a recent press interview at the WB Mondo International Press Tour, Kunal candidly shared what life is like for him and what he thinks of the show’s hot success...

... Q: What are the surprises of the season for you this year?

Kunal Nayyar: "Well, in terms of the show, it’s just amazing that in our sixth season, the numbers that we’re getting. Every year, it’s growing. It’s surprising to me now. At first, I was like, “Okay, this is really cool, this is really cool.” Now it’s actually shocking. When we get 17 1/2 million viewers, that’s shocking to me. And for the story, I think nothing has really surprised me this year. It’s just been more of what we do, which is every character is always fighting their own battles. Like Wolowitz is adjusting to married life, and Leonard and Penny are always going to through their relationships, and Amy’s trying to sleep with Sheldon, and Raj is trying to find love."

Q: Do you think Raj will find love this season?

Kunal Nayyar: "I don’t know where Raj is going to find love. Chuck Lorre said this is the year that Raj is going to find love. And then he said, “I’m really excited to see it.” So I don’t know if it’s going to be a person. Who knows. We’ll see..."

The BiG Bang Theory airs Thursday at 8/7C on CBS.

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