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Haven - Starry Constellation Magazine: Emily Rose, Eric Balfour & Adam Copeland Interview

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by: Jamie Steinberg

... Q) Your characters have gone through some amazing twists and turns this season and I wanted to find out what maybe have been some of the biggest acting challenges for each of you this season in playing your respective roles?

Adam Copeland: "My answer is probably broader because the whole acting process to me is still very new to me. So the whole process is a challenge for me at this point because I'm really learning. And one of the things that I really wanted to try to do is just come in with my eyes wide open, my ears wide open and just listen and watch. And that was really all I've been trying to do. This year I'm actually taking steps to try and get better at this because it's been a lot of fun and kind of cathartic and creative process that I still need. And it's still that, so that's really nice. For me, the biggest challenge is just trying to get somewhat passable at the whole acting thing."

Eric Balfour: "I just want to add that I've been really impressed by the leaps and bounds that Adam has made as an actor. I really am proud of you. I'll say this on the record. I remember when he did his first episode in Season 2. And I can be honest about this now, because I think he knows I love him, he was so stiff. I honestly was like, ‘Is this dude going to make it through this? I'm worried about him.' And it was so fun to watch him blossom because he really did. I'm so proud of him that he's found a comfort level and a groove. I mean, obviously, you don't get to where he is gotten to in his life without being talented and charismatic. But nonetheless, it's like being a great athlete in one arena. That doesn't mean that it immediately translates to some other sport. But the fact that he is this great, allowed him to. And then he's just getting better and better and better. And now it's so much fun to watch what he does now because he actually goes beyond what's on the page now and brings something to it and makes it interesting. So it's really fun. That being said, the most difficult challenge for me this season was having to do scenes with Adam Copeland and pretend like I didn't like him because I just want to eat him up, you know? I just want to mush him into a little ball and shove him in my mouth and suck on him."

Emily Rose: "Wow. I think bringing it back around, like I do, I feel like this answer is sort of an obvious one: I think it was just creating people other than Audrey. It was really exciting for me to be able to do that. Sarah was a really fun character to create and it was a scary challenge because I didn't know if I'd be happy with the end result. But to be honest with you, an even harder person to create, which I'm still trying to figure out, even though she didn't have as much time as Sarah did, was Lucy because Lucy was somebody that we had met in a season prior. And she's been a visual but we never really talked to her or heard her voice, other than meeting the actual Lucy in Season 2. Sometimes when I audition or put myself on tape for stuff when I'm out in Nova Scotia, a lot of times my agents will say, or I'll get feedback like, ‘Oh, well, they really like you. It just came off a little bit too tough.' And all of that I attribute to playing Audrey for five months or whatever. So to snap out of her for a few scenes a day, to snap out of who Audrey is and to have the softness or curiosity or to still maintain those common threads of character traits of these women but to create different people is tricky. And it's a challenge that I enjoy, but it's still tricky..."

Haven's final two season three episodes, 'Reunion,' and 'Thanks for the Memories,' air Thursday, January 17, 2013 on Syfy beginning at 8/7C. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE EPISODE, INCLUDING THE HAVEN SEASON 3 MARATHON ON JANUARY 17.

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