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Justified - Collider: Executive Producer Graham Yost Interview

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COLLIDER: Executive Producer Graham Yost Talks JUSTIFIED Season 4, This Year’s Theme, Exploring the Cold Case, THE AMERICANS, and More

by Christina Radish
January 29th, 2013

Based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard and developed for television by showrunner Graham Yost, the FX drama series Justified is back for Season 4. This time around, U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is unraveling the mystery of a more than 30-year-old cold case that connects back to his criminal father’s (Raymond J. Barry) bad dealings, while Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) finds his grip on Harlan County loosening due to a preacher (Joseph Mazzello) with a talent for manipulation that rivals his own. The show also stars Nick Searcy, Jacob Pitts, Erica Tazel and Joelle Carter.

During this recent exclusive interview with Collider, executive producer/writer Graham Yost talked about where things are headed this season, how this year’s theme is one of “the future,” where the idea of exploring the cold case came from, how difficult it’s been to keep Raylan from just killing Boyd, just how much interaction those two characters will have this season, what Patton Oswalt has brought to the character of Constable Bob, his desire to still get Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) on the show, that he sees the show going for six seasons, and that his endgame changes, every year. He also talked about being an executive producer on the newest FX drama series The Americans, starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys...

... Collider: Was it very intentional to show the parallel between Raylan and his father, at a time when he’s becoming a father himself and he has to figure out how not to take the same path?

Graham Yost: "Yeah, exactly. If Raylan is looking to the future, he’s got fears about the past. Who am I? Am I going to be like him? A lot of the stuff he does is kind of Arlo-y. A lot of his bad-ass stuff comes from Arlo. And you will find out a little bit more about his mother this season, what he gets from her and what he would want to have from her."

Collider: Where is the relationship going, that Raylan is having with the bartender?

Graham Yost: "One of the things that I looked at and discussed with the network and the writers was that I wanted to try to design this season in three chunks, this year. It didn’t entirely turn out that way, but there certainly is a first chunk. There’s story of Boyd and Preacher Billy, and the affect of that, but then it kicks off something else. And then, there’s Raylan and Lindsey (Jenn Lyon) and trying to get that money. That’s the first four episodes..."


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