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Fringe - SFX Magazine: Showrunner JH Wyman Interview

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Fringe Friday

SFX MAGAZINE: Fringe: Showrunner JH Wyman On The Show’s Key Moments

November 22 2012
by Tara Bennett

Fringe is now past the halfway point of its final season. Yes, it breaks our SFX hearts too. We recently had an exclusive chat with showrunner JH Wyman where we discussed the whole complicated evolution of the show. In this Q&A, we focus on the some key moments in the series evolution and the fandom of Fringe...

... SFX: Fringe has one of the most dedicated fan bases out there. How much have you let their voices influence how you’ve written the show in the past, and especially in this final season?

JH Wyman: “I have been so lucky because I get so much support from the media and from fans. Once I commit to doing something, I commit 100%. I want people to be pleased with what I’m making or what I’m asking them to think about. I can’t be upset if they don’t like it. I get to watch the response and I can learn things off of it as a writer so I can learn to be a better storyteller and that’s very valuable.

“Like the whole [season four] disappearance of Peter, I learned a great deal from that. It didn’t work. People didn’t like it and felt it was sort of stupid and didn’t get it. I totally agree. I look back at it and consider it one of our missteps. It didn’t work as well as we all thought it would. We liked it and thought it was cool. But no matter how many times we told people, ‘No, Peter is still part of the show. Come on? It’s Peter Bishop, he’s still part of the show,’ everybody was saying, ‘Peter is not on the show so I’m not watching anymore!’ They didn’t get it. But maybe in retrospect when people watch the series from beginning to end they’ll realise why thematically that was so important to do. People may or may not get what we did, but it is what it is. It’s not a pizza. You don’t get to order what you want on it...

Fringe returns with a NEW episode on Friday, December 7, 2012 at 9/8C on FOX. CLICK HERE TO VIEW 'THE HUMAN KIND' EPISODE TRAILER.

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