Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Once Upon A Time - Vancouver Sun: Josh Dallas Interview

Source: Vancouver Sun (follow link for complete column]


VANCOUVER SUN: Josh Dallas casts a spell on Once Upon a Time

By Alex Strachan
October 31, 2012

They probably wouldn’t believe it was really me, if I went to Halloween as Prince Charming, so I think I may do exactly that,” Josh Dallas says, taking a moment to find shelter from the morning rain on the Steveston, B.C., set of Once Upon a Time. “I can see it now: ‘That’s a really good costume. You really look like that guy!’”

“That guy” is Prince James — also known as Prince Charming — in Once Upon a Time lore. He’s a poor shepherd whose twin brother was given as an heir to King George, part of a deadly deal with the ever-scheming Rumpelstiltskin. Sadly, the real Prince James is killed in battle after agreeing to slay a dragon for king and country, and it falls on Prince Charming to take his brother’s place.

Dallas is not really Prince Charming, he insists. He just plays said prince on TV.

Still, the dashing actor comes by his TV swordplay and Hamlet-inspired inner turmoil (“That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain”) honestly: Though born in Kentucky and raised in Indiana, he studied the performing arts at the Mountview Conservatoire for the Performing Arts in London, England, after being awarded the Sarah Exley scholarship, given every three years to a promising acting student from the U.S. At the callow age of 20, Dallas landed his first professional gig — with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The London stage beckoned and, after that, The Young Vic, New Shakespeare Company and the English National Opera...


Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on CTV at 7 ET/MT/PT and on ABC at 8 ET/PT.

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