Friday, June 29, 2012

Masterpiece Mystery - Endeavour - TV Guide: Weekend Review Jul 1 '12 - PBS 9/8C

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TV GUIDE: Weekend Review: Weeds, Episodes, Endeavour

Jun 29, 2012
by Matt Roush

... AN ORIGIN STORY: Think of Endeavour (airing Sunday on PBS' Masterpiece Mystery!; check local schedules) as A Portrait of the Inspector As a Young Man. "You won't make much of a detective if you're not prepared to look death in the eye," a wizened medical examiner advises the squeamish young constable at a grisly crime scene. This affable, red-haired lad would go on to do quite well — as Oxford's renowned Inspector Endeavour Morse, immortalized by the late John Thaw as a Mystery! staple for more than a decade (living on in the exploits of his sidekick-turned-Inspector Lewis, whose next series of episodes begins next Sunday). A treat for the faithful, the prequel Endeavour is set in 1965, introducing us to Morse (Shaun Evans) as a boyish but hardly clueless constable. His affinity for crossword puzzles and opera is already well established, and it comes in handy, along with his unpretentious and impulsively aggressive nature, to solve an especially tricky and emotionally surprising case. Even if we didn't already know who he would become, it's clear this kid has a future...

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