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Timothy Olyphant - Justified - TV Guide: Roush Review: The Disarming Justified Finale

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TV GUIDE: Roush Review: The Disarming Justified Finale

Apr 11, 2012
by Matt Roush

If "Slaughterhouse" is what you're going to call your season finale, after building up to a major bloody showdown all season, you'd better be able to justify it. Thankfully, we're talking FX's Justified here, and when does it ever not live up to expectations?

Even before he completely went off the rails in a drug-fueled psychotic frenzy the last few weeks, we've been waiting for Detroit villain-out-of-water Robert Quarles (the electrifying Neal McDonough) to get his comeuppance. And we all knew that eventually we'd get to see Ellston Limehouse (the equally riveting Mykelti Williamson) put his ominously brandished meat cleaver to good use. But even so, that collective gasp you heard Tuesday night — or was it a scream of delighted revulsion — was the appropriate response to Limehouse chopping off Quarles' arm (naturally, the one with the weapon up its sleeve) as the hostage situation falls apart...

... And for those about to go into Justified withdrawal, let me take this opportunity for the last time this season to steer you toward [Elmore] Leonard's new novel, Raylan. It's a great read, with the same kind of blistering dialogue that Justified revels in, and an episodic structure (echoing elements of this and last season, but never a carbon copy) that may lull you into thinking the show hasn't quite finished yet. How great would that be if it were true?

[NOTE: Also, the Los Angeles Times Show Tracker has a review here.]

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