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Nathan Fillion - Firefly - Science Channel: Marathon Feb 12 '12

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Firefly's cast includes Castle's Nathan Fillion, Suits' Gina Torres, Suburgatory's Alan Tudyk, Homeland's Morena Baccarin, Chuck's Adam Baldwin, The L.A. Complex' Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Summer Glau and Ron Glass.

09:00 AM The Train Job

Mal and his crew are hired to pull off a train heist but the cargo turns out to be badly needed medication intended for sufferers of a deadly disease.

Guest stars include Tom Towles, Andrew Bryniarski, Michael Fairman, Gregg Henry and Valerie Red-Horse.

10:00 AM Bushwacked

The crew discovers the sole survivor of a Reaver attack aboard a derelict spacecraft, leading to an encounter with an Alliance commander bent on capturing Simon and River.

Guest stars include Doug Savant, Branden R. Morgan, Jared Poe and Lancer Dean Shull.

11:00 AM Shindig

Hoping to initiate a smuggling transaction, Mal attends an elegant social event with Kaylee. But when Mal upsets a wealthy man who hired Inara as his companion, he is challenged to a sword fight.

Guest stars include Mark Sheppard, Edward Atterton, Larry Drake, Carl Bresk and Larry Pennell.

12:00 PM Safe

Book is critically injured when the crew of the Serenity is caught in the crossfire between policemen and outlaws; a backward people in need of a doctor kidnap Simon and mistake River for a witch.

Guest stars include Isabella Hofmann, William Converse-Roberts, John Thaddeus, Andy Rolfes, Matthew Ferreira, Erica Tazel, Morina Pierce, Skylar Roberge and Zac Efron.

01:00 PM Our Mrs. Reynolds

After ridding a peaceful planet of a group of bandits, Mal and his crew are honored for their heroism. But when he returns to the Serenity, a horrified Mal is told he inadvertently married one of the local women during the celebration.

Guest stars include Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, Benito Martinez, Erik Passoja and Bob Fimiani.

02:00 PM Jaynestown

When the Serenity crew travels to a planet to strike a smuggling deal, Jayne discovers the populace worships him as a hero; Inara makes a man out of a magistrate's 26-year-old virginal son; Book's nerves fray as he tends to River.

Guest stars include Gregory Itzin, Daniel Bess, Kevin Gage, Zachary Kranzler and Ronald Craig Williams.

03:00 PM Out of Gas

The crew is forced to abandon ship when the Serenity is crippled by an explosion, leaving behind a dying Mal, who recalls how he first acquired the vessel and assembled the crew.

Guest stars include Steven Flynn, Ilia Volok, Lyle Kanouse, Dax Griffin and Roderick McCarthy.

04:00 PM Ariel

Disguised as medical personnel, the crew infiltrates a hospital with the intention of stealing valuable supplies; meanwhile, Simon uses a high-tech imaging device to study River's brain in hopes of curing her, only to be betrayed by Jayne.

Guest stars include Blake Robbins, Jeff Ricketts, Dennis Cockrum, Tom Virtue and Roma Chugani.

05:00 PM War Stories

The crew stages a rescue mission when Niska takes Mal prisoner and subjects him to torture; Inara raises eyebrows when she takes a female client.

Guest stars include Michael Fairman, Katherine Kendall, Rolando Molina, John Dunn and Michael Bentt.

06:00 PM Trash

Mal's "wife" Saffron resurfaces with a plan to steal a valuable gun from a collector, but the plan goes awry when the gun's owner turns out to be another of Saffron's husbands.

Guest stars include Christina Hendricks, Franc Ross, Dwier Brown and John Eric Bentley.

07:00 PM The Message

Mal and Zoe receive a crate containing the body of an old wartime friend, but the man turns out to be very much alive and smuggling a secret cargo.

Guest stars include Jonathan M. Woodward, The Sentinel's Richard Burgi, Al Pugliese, Tod Nakamura, Craig Vincent and Morgan Rusler.

08:00 PM Heart of Gold

The Serenity crew defends a bordello from a gunslinger who got a prostitute pregnant and now intends to collect the child; Mal falls for the bordello's madam.

Guest stars include Melinda Clarke, Kimberly McCullough, Fredric Lehne, Tracy Ryan, Heather Black, Angie Hart, Doan Ly and Sandy Mulvihill.

09:00 PM Objects in Space

A bounty hunter bent on apprehending River (and collecting the reward for her capture) boards the ship at night, catching the crew off-guard. He soon grows confused when River claims she's become one with the Serenity.

Guest stars include Richard Brooks.

11:00 PM Heart of Gold
12:00 AM Objects in Space
02:00 AM The Message

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