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Being Human - SFX Magazine: Craig Roberts Interview

Source: SFX Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Being Human 4 Saturday2

SFX MAGAZINE: Being Human’s Craig Roberts Interviewed

47-year-old-in-a-teenager’s-body vampire Adam is back in next week’s Being Human

by Ian Berriman
February 28 2012

Next week’s episode of Being Human (Sunday 4 March at 9.00pm on BBC Three and BBC HD) sees the return of Adam, the deceptively youthful vampire previously seen in an episode of season three ['Adam's Family'], as well as red-button spin-off Becoming Human. On-set during the filming of series four, SFX spoke to returning guest star Craig Roberts about returning to Honolulu Heights...


Craig Roberts, Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey from Being Human's season three episode, 'Adam's Family.'

... Q: I was surprised to hear you were returning to Being Human, because Submarine was a massive success. And it did seem like Adam’s story had come to a full stop.

Craig Roberts: “Yeah I wasn’t meant to come back, I don’t think. Becoming Human had a pretty good response, it did pretty well. But they didn’t think I’d come back. Then I bumped into Toby [Whithouse] at BAFTA and I was like, ‘What are you doing? Have you written the episodes?’ He said, ‘Yeah’ and I said, ‘Am I coming back?’, and he’s like ‘No’, and I was like, ‘You’re a c**t!’ But yeah, I was like, ‘I wanna do it! Bring me back’, so they brought me back, which I’m really happy about. Adam’s just an excuse for me to f**k around, it seems..."

Being Human season four airs Saturday at 9/8C on BBC America.

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