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Anna Silk - Lost Girl - Syfy: March 2012 Schedule

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Lost Girl Monday


Cast includes Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, K.C. Collins, Zoie Palmer and Richard Howland.

[NOTE: Updated March 27, 2012]


Mar 01 02:00 AM Arachnofaebia
Mar 03 01:00 AM Arachnofaebia

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) inadvertently brings home a vicious Fae spider that can make people psychotic after she performs a spiritual cleansing of a house.

Guest stars include Lisa Berry, Chapelle Jaffe, Meg Hogarth, Kristi Angus, Tre Smith, Mark Hobson, Peter Cockett and Jeff Kassel.

Vexed 2

Mar 05 10:00 PM Vexed
Mar 06 12:00 AM Vexed

Bo (Anna Silk) comes to believe a prisoner sentenced to death is innocent, and tries to get her out of jail before embarking on a mission of vengeance.

Guest stars include Clé Bennett, Ward Marie, Aron Tager, Paul Amos, Jeffrey R. Smith and Cheryl Quiacos.

Mar 08 01:00 AM Vexed
Mar 10 01:00 AM Vexed
Mar 12 04:00 AM Vexed

Fae Day

Mar 12 10:00 PM Fae Day
Mar 13 12:00 AM Fae Day

A fun-filled Fae "high holiday" turns potentially deadly when a Banshee wail predicts the death of someone in Trick's (Richard Howland) bar to occur within the next 12 hours. After a scramble that puts Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) on the Banshee's trail, the two learn the name of the Light Fae [Sean] (Randal Edwards) who's marked for death – and his last wish is for them to help him reconcile with his Dark Fae brother. Bo has to heal the rift between the two brothers at great risk to herself, while trying to unravel and prevent the mysterious death omen hanging over Sean.

Guest stars include Randal Edwards, Ben Lewis, Sarah Power, Jonathan Whittaker, Naomi Snieckus, Jack Jessop, Bjanka Murgel and Patrick Rodney Barnes.

Mar 17 01:00 AM Fae Day

Mourning After 2a

Mar 19 10:00 PM The Mourning After
Mar 20 12:00 AM The Mourning After

While investigating a baffling sex-related murder case, Bo (Anna Silk) comes into contact with Saskia (Inga Cadranel), a strong, sensuous Succubus who has much to teach her. The two become fast friends, but as they work together to solve the case Saskia reveals her true dark Fae colours, which tests the limits of this new found friendship... and Bo's own inner bad girl.

Guest stars include Inga Cadranel, Arnold Pinnock, Jordan Prentice, Natalie Lisinska, Abena Malika, Lee Rumohr, Sabrina Campbell and Robin Cunningham.

Mar 22 01:00 AM The Mourning After
Mar 24 01:00 AM The Mourning After



Mar 26 10:00 PM Faetal Justice
Mar 27 12:00 AM Faetal Justice

When Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) wakes up bloody and without the last eight hours of memory, he finds himself accused of murdering Ba’al (Karl Campbell), a close associate of The Morrigan's (Emmanuelle Vaugier) pet psychopath, Vex (Paul Amos), and takes refuge in Trick's (Richard Howland) bar, invoking sanctuary. It's up to Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) to recreate Dyson's lost hours and to find the real killer before the forces of the Fae, both light and dark, join forces to take Dyson's head. If Trick tries to prevent it, there may be more blood spilled... and an all-out war amongst the Fae might ensue. In the end, Bo and Kenzi fight to find the truth amid a morass of old hostilities and twisted loves... and get the proof to Dyson in time to save his life.

Guest stars include Clé Bennett, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Daniel Kash, Rob Stewart, Paul Amos, Holly Deveaux, Jeffrey Douglas, Kent Nolan and Karl Campbell.

Mar 29 01:00 AM Faetal Justice
Mar 31 01:00 AM Faetal Justice

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