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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - Syfy: March 2012 Encore Schedule

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Cast includes Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Ryan Robbins, Christopher Heyerdahl and Agam Darshi.

[NOTE: Updated March 26, 2012]

Untouchable 2

Mar 02 02:00 AM Untouchable

Magnus (Amanda Tapping) must explain a mission that went awry to a UN official as the Sanctuary faces scrutiny following the barely averted Abnormal uprising; Will's (Robin Dunne) girlfriend turns up with an unforeseen problem.

Guest stars include Pauline Egan, Brian Markinson, Mig Macario and Lara Gilchrist.

Monsoon 2

Mar 05 03:00 AM Monsoon

A hostage situation unfolds when Magnus (Amanda Tapping) flies to a remote island off of Africa to meet the Sanctuary's new financial adviser; a shipping container mix up has Will (Robin Dunne) and Henry (Ryan Robbins) tracking a missing Abnormal.

Guest stars include Pascale Hutton, Sandrine Holt, Carlo Rota, John Novak, Martin Cummins, Tora Hylands, Charlie Carrick, Kurt Evans and Sage Brocklebank.

Resistance 2

Mar 10 02:00 AM Resistance

The team tracks an Abnormal fugitive, and discovers that Tesla (Jonathon Young) is the head of a secret research lab for a Homeland Security agency that conducts tests on Abnormals.

Guest stars include Jonathon Young, Lost Girl's Richard Howland, Jenn MacLean-Angus, Kwesi Ameyaw, Jason Bax, Darren Bennett, Zak Santiago and J.C. Williams.

Homecoming 2

Mar 13 03:00 AM Homecoming

Two flying Abnormals land on the Sanctuary seeking Magnus' (Amanda Tapping) help; Will (Robin Dunne) is temporarily blinded during a riot in Monrovia.

Guest stars include Al Sapienza, Adam Greydon Reid, Caroline Cave, Conrad Coates, Brent Stait and Alex Ferris.

Icebreaker 2

Mar 20 03:00 AM Icebreaker

Henry (Ryan Robbins) and a team from the UK Sanctuary find themselves trapped on a disabled ship on the frozen Bering Sea, where they discover that the original crew has inexplicably killed each other; Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Will (Robin Dunne) attempt to rescue their stranded team member.

Guest stars include Michael Patric, Robert Lawrenson, Scott North and Jodi Balfour.

Fugue 2

Mar 27 03:00 AM Fugue - Cancelled, an episode of Monster Man is now scheduled to air at this time.

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