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Timothy Olyphant - Justified - TV Guide: Matt's TV Week in Review Jan 20 '12

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TV GUIDE: Matt's TV Week in Review

Jan 20, 2012
by Matt Roush

On that rare occasion when someone tells you there's nothing good on TV — but honestly, why would you be talking to people like that? — gently point them toward Tuesday nights at 10/9c, a time period that became ridiculously overstuffed this week thanks to some of cable's best and most entertaining dramas. (And let's pause to give thanks to cable replays, for those with limited DVR capability.)...

... Let's start with FX's Justified, fresh as ever in its third season. Still recovering from last season's wounds, wry U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) may not be up to snuff just yet — as his boss taunts, "You can't run and you can't shoot, what good are you?" — but the show is so assured in its blend of barbed humor and deadly menace that you can always expect at least once per episode to be found laughing on the edge of your seat. Mags Bennett may be gone, and there's no replacing the great Margo Martindale, but icy-eyed Neal McDonough is giving it a robust go as a fixer from Detroit who's laying waste to local members of the Dixie Mafia. And with Boyd Crowder (the sly and sinister Walton Goggins) scheming to take control of crime in Harlan County, we anticipate a major showdown.

Bonus points for this week's guest villain: Dexter's Desmond Harrington as a stone-cold killer nicknamed "Ice Pick," who should know better than to initiate a standoff with Raylan on opposite sides of a table. (Nice tablecloth trick, Raylan.) When Ice Pick goaded Raylan in an elevator earlier on by complimenting his Stetson, then jibing, "Not much call for cowboys these days," we knew he was a goner. Great start to what's shaping up to be another lethally entertaining season...

Justified season three airs Tuesday at 10/9C on FX.

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