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John Barrowman - Torchwood - BBC America Video: 'Children of the Earth' Marathon Sat Jan 28 '12

Source: BBC America



Cast includes John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Kai Owen.

In one epic story told over five nights, “Torchwood: Children of Earth,” re-joins Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) who are still coming to terms with the death of two of their closest friends.

Despite their pain, they have a job to do. This time they are faced with their fiercest threat to date—one that puts the future of Torchwood and the entire human race spiraling into danger. They battle against the odds, but do they stand a chance of saving mankind?

Sat. Jan. 28 12:10 AM Day One

As Cardiff awakens, strange occurrences begin to unfold - for starters all of the city's children are frozen in place without uttering a sound.

The surviving members of Torchwood find themselves embroiled in a deep conspiracy as a new alien threat becomes imminent in the Season 3 opener.

Guest stars include Peter Capaldi, Paul Copley, Nicholas Farrell, Susan Brown, Lucy Cohu, Ian Gelder, Cush Jumbo and Liz May Brice.

Sat. Jan. 28 01:10 AM Day Two

Ianto tells his sister about the bomb at Torchwood HQ, when all the children in a nearby playground freeze and deliver another chilling message; and Lois begins to wonder why Torchwood has suddenly become a liability to the government.

The Torchwood team is forced underground as the government hunts them down.

Guest stars include Katy Wix, Rhodri Lewis, Hilary Maclean, Luke Perry, Peter Capaldi, Paul Copley, Nicholas Farrell and Susan Brown.

Sat. Jan. 28 02:10 AM Day Three

The sky rips open and an enormous funnel of flames descends onto Thames House. They have arrived.

An ominous pillar of fire descends upon London, and things get personal for the members of Torchwood when their loved ones are targeted.

Guest stars include Ian Gelder, Colin McFarlane, Tom Price, Cush Jumbo, Liz May Brice and Charles Abomeli.

Sat. Jan. 28 03:10 AM Day Four

Government officials meet to discuss offering a percentage of the world's children to the 456 as a peace offering.

The mysterious events of 1965 become clearer and the true intent of the 456 is revealed.

Guest stars include Peter Capaldi, Paul Copley, Nicholas Farrell, Susan Brown, Lucy Cohu and Cush Jumbo.

Sat. Jan. 28 04:10 AM Day Five

Gwen videotapes a message for future generations so that they could find out how the world ended. Meanwhile, the government has begun it's initial campaign to weed out the children.

The future of the human race is in jeopardy as the world descends into anarchy.

Guest stars include Peter Capaldi, Nicholas Farrell, Susan Brown, Lucy Cohu, Ian Gelder, Tom Price, Cush Jumbo, Liz May Brice and Colin McFarlane.

Sat. Jan. 28 11:00 AM Day One
Sat. Jan. 28 12:00 PM Day Two
Sat. Jan. 28 01:00 PM Day Three
Sat. Jan. 28 02:00 PM Day Four
Sat. Jan. 28 03:00 PM Day Five

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