Friday, December 23, 2011

Warehouse 13 - Fear Net: Exclusive Allison Scagliotti Interview

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Warehouse 13 - 2012

FEAR NET: Exclusive: Allison Scagliotti on Her Elizabeth Bathory Film ‘Chastity Bites' and ‘Warehouse 13' Season 4

December 23, 2011
by Joseph McCabe

Allison Scagliotti is best known to genre fans for her role as Claudia Donovan – the most kick-ass hacker this side of Lisbeth Salender – on Syfy's Warehouse 13. But the twenty-one-year-old will likely soon win a new audience of horror fans with her starring role in Chastity Bites, a film that finds the legendary Elizabeth Bathory (the sixteenth century Hungarian countess who bathed in the blood of virgins) setting up shop in a California public high school as an abstinence educator (what better way to keep the virgin population high?). Scagliotti plays Leah Ratliff, a young feminist who might be the only thing standing in this villainess's way. The film wraps production in Los Angeles this week, but Scagliotti kindly took time out of her busy schedule yesterday to chat with me about her role in Chastity Bites; where she'd like to see Claudia go Warehouse 13's fourth season enters production; and her plans for this holiday season...


... Q: What's next for you after this film [Chastity Bites]?

Allison Scagliotti: ""We wrap the day before Christmas Eve, and I've got about three weeks before I gotta hop on a plane and head to Toronto for season 4 of Warehouse 13. But in between I'm working with Chris Russell, the director of the short film Zombie in a Penguin Suit and my friend Josh Breslow who produced it. They've come together to produce a web series called Reliance, that I will be starring in. We'll shoot that in the first week of January. I'm so excited to work with them. If you guys haven't heard of Zombie in a Penguin Suit, I suggest people hit it up on YouTube. It's beautifully done, and these guys have managed to craft a whole narrative with no dialogue, and it's emotional and scary all at the same time. It's great. They're really talented..."

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