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V (Original Series) Marathon - Syfy: Dec 29 '11

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Cast includes Jane Badler. June Chadwick, Jennifer Cooke, Robert Englund, Faye Grant, Marc Singer, Jeff Yagher, Michael Ironside, Lane Smith, Blair Tefkin, Michael Wright, Frank Ashmore and Duncan Regehr.1984-1985)

08:00 AM Liberation Day

This science-fiction series about alien lizards on Earth picks up a year after the miniseries left off. Amid Liberation Day celebrations, Diana, who's to stand trial for crimes against humanity, is kidnapped by a corporate magnate (Lane Smith) who wants to bargain for the aliens' advanced technology.

Guest stars include Michael Durrell, Valentin de Vargas and Michael Wright.


Jane Badler as Diana

09:00 AM Dreadnaught

With the Visitors engaged in global battle with the humans, Diana (Jane Badler) sends for the ultimate space weapon and the freedom fighters plot to steal the alien mother ship.

Guest stars include Michael Durrell, Linden Chiles, Barry Jenner, Burt Marshall and Don Maxwell.

10:00 AM Breakout

Donovan and Ham are imprisoned in a Visitor work camp guarded by a hideous alien beast; Diana (Jane Badler) plans to use Kyle as a bargaining chip to acquire the starchild.

Guest stars include Pamela Ludwig, Xander Berkeley, Christian Jacobs, Patricia Allison, Charles Macaulay and Burt Marshall.


Michael Ironside and Mark Singer

11:00 AM The Deception

Diana hopes to obtain rebel secrets by convincing the captured Donovan (Marc Singer) that the war is over; Kyle rescues Robin and makes an alliance with the rebels.

Guest stars include Nicky Katt, Sandy Lang, Randall Brady and Anthony Ellis.

12:00 PM Sanction

Donovan rescues his son (Nick Katt) from the aliens and is stalked by the deadly leader (Tom Callaway) of the alien youth corps, who wants his prize pupil returned.

Guest stars include Thomas Callaway, Nicky Katt, James Ingersoll, David J. Partington, Casey Sander, Rob Stone and Aki Aleong.


June Chadwick and Jane Badler

01:00 PM Visitor's Choice

Bates (Lane Smith) imposes a curfew in the open city in an attempt to curb resistance activity; Donovan and Ham make plans to hit a Visitors' conference.

Guest stars include Jon Caliri, Robert Ellenstein, Chad McQueen, Sybil Danning, Martin Azarow, Thomas Bellin and Aki Aleong.

02:00 PM The Overlord

A woman (Sheryl Lee Ralph) pleads with the Resistance to liberate her town from a despot who's collaborating with the Visitors; Bates suspects Julie is informing the rebels.

Guest stars include Sheryl Lee Ralph, Michael Champion, Robert Thaler, C.E. Grimes, Rion Hunter and Kay E. Kuter.


Mark Singer and Faye Grant

03:00 PM The Dissident

Donovan and Ham kidnap a pacifist alien scientist (John McLiam) who designed a force field that Diana has placed around the city.

Guest stars include John McLiam, Robert Thaler, Anthony De Longis, Armand Cerami, Robert MacKenzie, Richard Manheim and Aki Aleong.

04:00 PM Reflection In Terror

Diana uses a blood sample to generate a deadly clone of the starchild Elizabeth (Jennifer Cooke), which escapes; Bates locates the Rebel headquarters and sets up Julie (Faye Grant).

Guest stars include Mickey Jones, Jenny Beck, James Daughton, Anthony James, William Wellman Jr., Keri Houlihan and Robert Rothwell.


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