Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sanctuary - The Morton Report: Robin Dunne Interview

Source: The Morton Report [follow link for complete interview]

Sanctuary Friday

THE MORTON REPORT: Will Power: Interview with Sanctuary's Robin Dunne

By Steve Eramo
November 3, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night (no, really, it was), when Dr. Will Zimmerman first encountered Dr. Helen Magnus. He had no idea of the impact that this “chance” meeting would have on his future. During the past four years, the forensic psychiatrist has been Magnus’ second in command of the Sanctuary, a worldwide network of facilities established for the express purpose of protecting and preserving a species of unusual and powerful creatures called Abnormals.

More than once, Will’s job responsibilities have put his life at risk, including at the start of Sanctuary’s third year when he “died” in order to stop an especially powerful and dangerous Abnormal nicknamed “Big Bertha” from destroying countless lives. The stakes are even higher for our heroes in the show’s fourth and current season, and Robin Dunne, who plays Will, has been more than happy to take on the challenge...


... “Every season we say that this is our best one yet, but this really is an incredible year,” says the actor. “Having done 20 episodes last year and then going back to 13 this year, we wanted to make sure that each of our episodes really hit all the right [story] beats. The season opener [“Tempus”] is phenomenal and that carries though right up to the two-part season finale, which is just like a feature film. It’s unbelievable when I look back at the things that we did in it. At one point we were on-location in the middle of the night, which is rare for us, and everything going on around me just felt so surreal. I also got to direct this year, which was a fantastic experience..."

Sanctuary airs on Friday at 10/9C on Syfy and Space Channel.

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