Monday, November 28, 2011

Neverland - Teen Television: Charlie Rowe Interview

Source: Teen Television [follow link for complete interview]

Neverland Dec 4

NEVERLAND - TEEN TELEVISION: "Neverland's" New Peter Pan

By Lynn Barker
November 28, 201

TeenTV is talking with cute Brit Charlie Rowe, 15, (The Golden Compass and Pirate Radio) who plays Peter Pan in “Neverland”, the SyFy Channel’s two-part movie airing on Sunday, Dec. 4 and Monday, Dec.5. The story is sort of a prequel to the famous J.M. Barrie novel and movies you might have seen.

Story goes: Peter (Charlie Rowe) is a down on his luck pickpocket whose gang leader is Jimmy Hook. The gang steals a magical orb which transports them to the beautiful world of Neverland where a ruling colony of tree spirits is headed by Tinker Bell (the voice of Kiera Knightley). Also there, among others snatched from their own times, is tough pirate chick Elizabeth Bonny (Anna Friel) who is searching, like Jack Sparrow in the last “Pirates” movie, for eternal youth. The gang struggles to save Neverland. Do they leave or stay forever?


... TeenTV: We know Peter Pan “flies”. Can you talk about the stunts you did for that?

Charlie: "Well, I don’t think it was hard. I was just in complete heaven. I was jumping around with swords, sword fighting with Rhys [who plays Hook] and Anna Friel and it was strange and obviously the flying was absolutely amazing being hauled up and down in this cold warehouse. It was spectacular although it does hurt [being hoisted up in a harness]. I really do not recommend it.

We often spent a long time trying to perfect just the movement of the flying. Just the fact that getting the right pose when you jump off and getting the right posture while you’re flying and not trying to look like you’re in serious pain which you were 24/7...

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