Sunday, October 16, 2011

Primeval - Syfy: Season One Marathon Tuesday, Nov 1 '11

NOTE: Syfy has cancelled this marathon, in its place is a Destination Truth marathon. [October 30, 2011]

Source: Syfy schedulebot

Primeval Syfy


Cast includes Andrew Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Ben Miller, Juliet Aubrey, Lucy Brown, Douglas Henshall and James Murray.

08:00 AM Series 2 Episode 5

An anomaly in a drainage pipe leads a young girl chasing her dog into a bleak, sandy past landscape filled with burrowing monsters.

09:00 AM Series 2 Episode 6 - Part 1

The team capture a Mammoth running rampant on the M25. The conspiracy is finally revealed as they attempt to kill Cutter and his team and destroy the ARC.

10:00 AM Series 2 Episode 7 - Part 2

The conspiracy unravels and people working closely on the project die -- or do they?

11:00 AM Series 1 Episode 1

In the series opener, a dinosaur sighting is investigated by evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter and his team.

12:00 PM Series 1 Episode 2

The team searches unused tunnels in the London Underground after a giant spider attacks a cleaner.

01:00 PM Series 1 Episode 3

Nick worries about his wife as prehistoric reptiles invade swimming pools, cellars and reservoirs via space-time anomalies.

02:00 PM Series 1 Episode 4

Ancient parasites that could devastate the human race are discovered in a group of dodos.

03:00 PM Series 1 Episode 5

A prehistoric winged reptile appears above a golf course; Connor and Abby search for Rex in the

04:00 PM Series 1 Episode 6

Helen resurfaces with news implicating a predator from the future as the culprit behind numerous disappearances.

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